Entrepreneur from Sweden

Others tend to call me an entrepreneur. I say I run my own businesses. There is a difference to it. I believe entrepreneurs change the way we live, I simply build businesses around optimising it. Secondly, an entrepreneur falls in love with one thing. I am the most unfaithful person around as I fall in love with all things. I take pride in learning, asking questions and understanding. Regardless if I ask the questions to a data set or a person. It doesn’t really matter. I simply want answers to the questions bombarding everyday life and work.

Passion for tactics

A few years ago, some random advertising dude put a cool name to what I have been doing the past half life. He chose to call it growth hacking. This essentially means that I run hacks on the existing, dominating truths, and try to make them better. Not by following the rules, but by breaking them in order to get the results the fastest way possible.

This is quite the opposite of being sloppy. This is getting the job done, without the power point decks that take time away from getting there fast. It is better to launch, test, change, test, change, test and be done, than it is to think think think and never start.

Thus, if you are looking for PowerPoint, call someone else. If you are looking for results. Call me.

Contact & Connect

Name: Jesper Åström
Work: If I want to.
E-mail: jesper.joakim.astrom@gmail.com