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September 1, 2014

Everything Marketing – You can’t believe what happened next!

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From the makers of word of mouth, omni-marketing and viral apps, comes the new and evolution sloshing concept of – Everything Marketing!

This new type of marketing says all that all others have said before, but uses the new, and super all inclusive term of Everything to precede the word Marketing. Thus, now marketers do not have to reinvent their business every other year! NO! From now on, marketing is EVERYTHING! Not only this! Meaning the stuff we have. But also all future rebranding of that same thing!


  • SEO – yepp!
  • Social media marketing – yepp!
  • Viral marketing – yepp!
  • Omni channel marketing – yepp!
  • Content marketing – INCLUDED!!
  • All future and other types of marketing – FOR FREE!!


Seriously though… wouldn’t our industry be so much better off if we just sold our shit based on what it actually helps solve, rather than that it is the newest kid on the block?

August 11, 2011

Cameron vs. Free speach – a true but frightening story

David Cameron, the UK prime minister has announced that he “is looking at banning people from using social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook if they are thought to be plotting criminal activity“. Fair enough. If you’re a government official and want to crack down on crime, one of the best ways to gain an advantage would be to control their possibilities to communicate.

However, just as my fellow Internet buddy Deeped writes in his blog post, this kind of control comes at a very high price. As he puts it:

Uppenbarligen anser han att fritt utbyte av information bara är gott om det aldrig används till ont. Om det senare görs ska det fria flödet stoppas. Kan inte annat än att säga att det låter inte speciellt demokratiskt. För fortfarande är Twitter, Facebook och alla andra delar ett verktyg. Oavsett om det handlar om att stänga av hela nätverken, eller bara försöka att stänga av personer som anses ”missbruka” dem så skapas nya tjänster som kommer att skapa gömda enklaver vilket endast försämrar såväl transparensen, möjligheten att möta personer med åsikter som behöver lyftas upp och motargumenteras – och det onda blir bara mer och mer starkt i mörkret.

Which in English sort of translates to:

Evidently he (david cameron) believes that the free exchange of information only is good if it is never used for bad purposes. If the latter occurs, the free flow should be stopped. Can’t say other than that this doesn’t sound very democratic. Cause when it comes down to it Twitter, Facebook, and other parts of the social web are still just tools. Despite if the context is to close down the complete networks or just people who seems to be “misusing” them, new services will be created that will put the open debate into hidden enclaves which only worsens the transparency as well as the possibility to debate people with opinions that needs to be aired and countered with the other side of the coin – and the evil is stronger in the cover of darkness.

I fully agree with @deeped that the notion of closing down, or separating some people from the possibility of communicating freely and openly online, will only hurt democracy, security and our possibility to avoid these kind of problems in the future.

As usual, with political leaders all over the world, they seem to have lost track of who they are working for. Although Cameron, possibly, has good intentions with suggesting these types of changes, he is still full of crap for suggesting them. Who is to decide who is likely to plan criminal activities? I who thought that pre-emptive strikes was to take it one step to far. Ie. when you know that someone is planning something, you take action before they have actually performed a hideous crime of some sort.

If I think twice about what Cameron is saying, they want to close the possibility of people accessing these social networks, before they have started planning criminal acts. On what basis? Who makes the profile for who is more likely than another person to become a criminal? Social profiling – perhaps?

Secondly, rioters are in the eyes of the law criminals, but in the eyes of the rioter, freedom fighters. We might not agree with the methods, but they are an expression of a deeper problem in society, one which we cannot turn away from or try to close down. We have to fix it. Not turn away from it. Social inequalities and violence has had a correlated “positive” relationship for years, yet social reform, is still frowned upon by the market, governments and the leading powers of society. I am not saying socialism, but I am saying that we need some world wide change in order for me to be able to enjoy my money, not just have it.

What I am talking about is social liberties. The right not to get judged based on the color of my face, my sexual orientation, my political beliefs or the way that I dress. Those are deep things we need to fix yesterday. It is the social inequalities that are driving our society into these situations where people feel trapped and unable to get out of the shit they were born in.

More directly I am talking about getting more demographic diversity into the leadership of nations, companies and decision making all in all. That is what is going to change the situation. By banning people from expressing themselves will only increase the pressure in a pot that is already at boiling point. It is thus not only a very difficult proposition, it is also the wrong one as it is not the solution to the problem.

I am eager to see how the rest of the “world leaders” are going to respond to what David Cameron has proposed.

September 1, 2010

Teaching Old Dogs to Sit – An open letter to Danny

It is not really a story worth noting else than that it is such a typical example of when social media success does not rhyme with big ego. Sphinn is one of search and social medias true resources online. Not so much for the content on the platform, but for the relationships you are able to build through it quickly.

You have been able to find, promote and discuss interesting content with other users there or on their respective blogs. As you know, I have previously been quite critical towards Sphinn. In part, because I truly have wanted the service to improve and get even better. Now, naturally, my wishes have never been heard. Probably because of my lack of smooth language skills. I am never far away from the insult as I see the world through the perspective of a hip hop battle.

However, I have continued to post my stories as well as other people’s stories to the platform as I am able to connect with other users through the platform. I have liked voting for content that I enjoy reading and discussing content that I find interesting.

That will all stop. I don’t think I will ever visit the website again. The reason being that they just announced they will remove the voting functionality from the website.

Now… A crowdsourcing website without voting?? What’s the point??

Read Danny Sullivan’s arguments here.

Oh… Danny Sullivan, one of the webs self proclaimed pricks, argues that there was too much problem with spam, and that the quality content didn’t reach the front page enough times. So they thought they should just take away the crowdsourcing out of their project and let the editors decide what was valuable content instead of leaving it in the hands of the users. This kind of reasoning reminds me of something… hmm… old time media perhaps…. naaahw… These guy’s are online heroes… they wouldn’t turn away from the social nature of the web and turn to old school tactics just cause they get a little spam now… would they?

Well, never mind what they’ve actually done. Nor shall we care about why they do it. But what we should focus on is who they blame for their failure…. namely the users of their website. See, they seem to think that it is the voting mobs and the spam that is decreasing the interaction levels of the website. They don’t consider any of their own actions, rules or changes to be a part of the blame. NOOO…. it is the users who built the website who are the ones to blame. Naturally… don’t you think?

Seriously… Danny. You cannot be this narrow minded and ego centric. You have to realize that it is not the spam that is driving the users away. Look at Digg, look at Stumbleupon, look at any other real crowdsourcing project out there. They are growing, thriving and improving their services as a result.

The difference between them and you is that you have always made changes that limit the users rather than make changes that improve the visibility of their content. You have imposed unfair into a system where everyone is free to leave at their own will. That is what you are seeing the result of now. Your “editor’s choice”, your obnoxious replies to comments or critique, your relentless self advocating blog posts and your never ending promotion of those who only agree with you. Those are the real reasons why people do not care about interacting with your website. That’s why they stop voting and that’s why they stop coming back else than for self promotion. You set the court yourself, all users did, was to play ball.

I don’t blame you for shutting down the website. That’s completely your choice. But to try and martyr yourself out of your own misery, well that’s just wrong. You need to thank every single one of us who have contributed to your website. You should be ever thankful. WE created the website’s success and WE are the true heroes of the story. You’re just a name with a dwindling legacy.

Thank you for the few years the service was operational. Try and learn something from the experience. In this open, social and very much real time web where we are operational today, it seems ever so difficult to make old dogs sit. I know this post won’t make you change your mind. I just had to air mine.

July 26, 2010

adsttnmq1 hack and the cleanup

As you have seen my summer school plans haven’t really added up to what neither one of us expected. It is not that I haven’t got any posts to write or publish. It is just that I haven’t had the motivation to do the last bits and pieces and secondly because my blog got hacked.

This post will help you get rid of the adsttnmq1 hack.

The adsttnmq1 hack attacks you from the hosting end. It is thus not an update error in your WordPress version or such. This attacks you when you are on shared hostings or hostings with low protection.

The adsttnmq1 hack puts two or more directories into your root directory. These contain the code that will be placed into your index.php file or equivalent. What you have to do is to first remove these directories and then turn to your index-file to remove the code generated there. This code is not visible until you remove the directories.

Just watch the video explaining it below. But first some general thoughts on link hackers.

April 20, 2010

Sphinn Communism – time to leave?

I commented on a post on the website Sphinn. Sphinn used to be a good crowd sourcing website where you could get feedback on your own material as well as engage in discussion on other peoples submissions. I’ve always liked the website as you can find analysis on recent events in the SEO and social media industries fast and thus leave a lot of exploring out of the picture.

Naturally there is loads of crap on the website, but as users get their say on it, the good stuff generally reach the first page. During the weekends you can then browse through other submissions to find the gory stuff that isn’t popular, but that is great for other reasons.

But this is all about to change as Matt McGee and the others on the Sphinn team don’t believe that crowd sourcing brings good content to the surface. So they’ve introduced something called “Editor’s Choice”. This is what they write in a blog post from the 23rd of March this year.

As Sphinn’s Editor, I occasionally promote submissions to the home page that I believe are noteworthy, even if they haven’t received the minimum votes. You’re going to see more of that from this point on, and it won’t just be stories that I choose. A handful of our moderators will also take a more active role in promoting deserving submissions to the home page. Our goals are to make sure Sphinn users see the day’s most noteworthy stories on our home page and to help good content get the visibility it deserves.

Naturally, this kind of reasoning makes me pissed off. Why create a website based on crowd sourcing and then not trust the users to decide what is quality and what is not? I really don’t get their reasoning. They have their own blog and if they like content that is not being promoted by the users, I am sure they could give it a ride by publishing a link to it in their own blog? Why corrupt the system?

Now, back to the case at hand. The editor Mike McGee used his flare and magic to push a story to the front page. He has done this a few times before and it has annoyed me then as it did now. Especially since he arrogantly publishes a comment when ever he has used his veto, anointing the rest of the reason for his push.

Naturally I respond the way I always do when I feel pissed off:

Now naturally I am aware that I will not be able to do that unpunished. I will get brutalized by the end of tomorrow and my account will probably be suspended because I don’t agree. They already show they do not trust their users democratic choices, but they have previously also shown they cannot stand to be criticized.

As you can see, supporters are rushing in to save their friends from humiliation. I don’t see why they are doing this though. Why do they put their personal brands at risk just to pat their friends on the back. Cause they cannot seriously condone this kind of activity.

Think about it. Sphinn removes the foundation that they’ve built their brand on. It is the users that build Sphinn with their content every day. Sphinn in itself hasn’t built anything of value other than a platform for publishing. How can they reasonably claim to know better than their users what is quality and what is not quality?

The title of this post tells you what I believe these types of actions resemble. How can you let users build your brand and once you’ve reached a certain status, and then simply tell the users that they are to stupid to promote the “right kind” of content? I don’t get it. Seriously Matt. You are not a superstar, but the people who post content and vote on your website every day are. They are the ones who find, develop and retain your brand and so you should be very careful before telling them that your liking is better than theirs.

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March 18, 2010

Call Me a fool, but this blog will change

I am having a huge problem as I feel I have no place to express myself anymore. This blog has turned into a How-To blog and although I like that aspect of the blog, I still want it to be more than that. I want it to be my complete footprint online. It shall be the resource people can turn to when they want help with their social media stuff, but it should also reflect more of my personality.

Where I want to take this blog

I want to be able to write reviews of books I read, I want to be able to write about my days in the office and I want to be able to share stuff more spontaneously. The how to posts I write today I spend between 1-5 hours on. That is not including the time I spend researching, testing and developing what I write about.

No worries, Tutorials will continue

I want to continue doing that, but under a different umbrella. Thus I registered a new domain.

I won’t tell you the name of the domain just yet, as I want everything to be up and running when I direct your attention to that platform. I expect it to be up sometime mid next week. For the past few weeks I have been exploring the world of Facebook Apps. I am currently creating a full tutorial on how to set up a Facebook App and how to run basically anything on Facebook that you need for your business to grow.

My final goal is to integrate your CMS completely with the Facebook platform making your work load a lot less demanding considering you have to work on both your website, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr etc etc. I will help you do all this from one single CMS.

For this practice I will use WordPress or Drupal (haven’t decided yet), but the connections are universal and as long as your CMS publishes pure xhtml strict 1.0 and some format of RSS/ATOM you’ll be able to follow that class. The hosting I’ll be using is HostGator.

So what should you do?

Well, for those of you who don’t want to hear me talk about clips from TED or want to listen in on my thoughts on the hidden web. You should probably consider unsubscribing to my RSS-feed. Actually, wait a week until I launch my new stuff.

That way I will stay more relevant and happy at the same time. That way I’ll be able to say “Fuck the free world” whilst not alienating those of you who are just here to learn. One place for the tutorials, and one place for the stuff I have in my head.

It is time to let loose of some boundaries. Or as the Swedish Volvo commercial tune said: “Releeeeeaaaase meeeeeee”.

“I am the wilderness locked in a cage
I am a growing force you kept in place
I am a tree reaching for the sun
Please don’t hold me down
Please don’t hold me down

I am a rolling wave without the motion
A glass of water longing for the ocean
I am an asphalt flower breaking free but you keep stopping me
Release me
Release me

I am the rain that’s coming down on you
That you shielded yourself from with a roof
I am the fire burning desperately but you’re controlling me
Release me
Release me”

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February 28, 2010

Facebook Idiots can go to Hell

I’ve had it. Enough is enough. Facebook has finally shown they cannot handle their position as number 1 in the social scene online. I am completely and utterly disappointed with Mark his crew. Haven’t they learned anything from their past or anything from the web?

[Update: To clarify. The NEW thing with this is that they are removing the notification possibility making applications that utilize user vs. user interaction A LOT less effective.]

Changes to the terms of service

I was thinking that when the latest update of the terms and conditions came along it was a mere high five to the legislators of some idiot government somewhere. The new rules stated three extremely important changes to the Facebook page terms of service:

  1. You have to ask permission for any kind of promotion
  2. Your promotion can’t have demands of joining a page to enter
  3. Post to wall is restricted to the special privileges
  4. (It became strictly forbidden to promote gambling, which is not as important… yet extremely annoying.)

This did not only piss me off as these benefits were what made Facebook so easy to work with. These ARE the benefits of working with and on the Facebook platform. This way we didn’t have to run a campaign website on the side, this way all the viral aspects of having 400 million people in the same place could take effect as we could utilize the long tail of interests and thus make a buck or two regardless of what we were working on.

Destroying what helped build them

Today, I get a message from one of the applications that has helped to build Facebook to the platform it is today. One of the thousands and again thousands of applications that Facebook has paid NOTHING to have in place. Remember, even the “tag a friend” application was created by someone not working on Facebook. The throw a sheep application was as well. All they “invented” was the ability to poke another member. So excuse me when I say FUCK YOU FACEBOOK!!

This is the reason for my anger (click to enlarge):

They are removing the possibility to send automatic notifications disallowing you to use anything else but their own Facebook Connect functionality. THEY SHOULD GET SUED!! Someone wrote in a blog post a couple of weeks back that Google is behaving like Microsoft. I think that person is absolutely wrong. However, now we can truly see how Facebook is becoming another idiot corporation who is out to work against their users in order to advance their own interests.

Facebook is making money, and they could do like Google and go rev. share with their enthusiasts. That would have been a good thing as we would all earn money from what we do best.

But when a service like Facebook is starting to behave like government, then my stomach turns icky icky icky inside out.

My LAST warning to you Mark Zuckerfucker

I say this as a warning to Mark and the rest. Stop what you are doing right away. Continue doing what you did in the beginning. Open your platform and don’t start setting rules. Leverage the possibilities with the web, don’t MAKE THEM TURN AGAINST YOU. Cause rest assured… If you turn on us, we will turn on you. When we turn on you… well, let’s just say it won’t come in the shape of a Facebook group saying “Mark is an evil idiot”… There just simply might not be any group functionality at all to use…