A/B-testing – A post Explaining The challenge and Solution for Marketing Managers
March 6, 2013
Tweet A/B-testing is something that is quite frequently discussed as something you should do. Yet, most marketing managers and online communicators still don’t. In fact. They dread the mere notion of having to test and change their digital campaigns. I will get to the solution and how to easily do an A/B-test. But in order [...]
In-line sharing optimization, SEO and conversion rate
May 8, 2012
Tweet Thinking in terms of goal completion is essential when working with all types of SEO, social media and more specifically, the conversion of traffic in any shape or form from these channels. In this blog post I will present a way of working, you can use when you optimize your conversion funnel for 1. [...]
Does SEO hurt Conversion?
August 16, 2011
Tweet If you ask John Ekman, it does in some cases. As he writes in his blogpost on The Unbounce Blog – Why über-Optimised SEO Titles Kill Click-Throughs & Conversion Rates, sometimes the effort to optimize for the search engine defuses the call-to-action copy needed to actually make the clicks count. I do not only [...]
Rethinking conversion in a post static web landscape
August 11, 2011
Tweet I have become more and more interested in the arts of conversion of traffic to some specific pre-determined goal the past year. Although I had worked with conversion previously I didn’t think of that is what I was doing. In the landscape of a social web, I believe we have to start to rethink [...]
I am a spammer
June 23, 2011
Tweet Sometimes things don’t go as planned. Especially when time is limited. Today, we noticed on Twitter that we were spamming people. At first we thought it was another attack, but then we realized that it was actually us doing it. I had given a poor instruction to one of our summer workers and now [...]
Rating & Reviews effect on Conversion Rates
May 18, 2011
Tweet I have been looking through the web these past few weeks to try and find good resources on how rate and review services effect conversion rates. I mean, hard cold facts, percentages and cases. I have found a whole bunch of statistics on how rate and review services influence conversion rates and I would [...]