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Why is Facebook the only one allowed to be lazy


Tweet Many have the critics of Facebooks latest changes in post visibility for brands been. But equally many have the defenders turned out to be. The one side says “boohoo, no more free space for advertising”, whilst the other side says “Facebook is not an advertising platform, you will have to do better“. Both sides… Read more »

What you eat don’t make me shit

Tweet So. I read this blog post. It made me remember what I sometimes forget. People are idiots. Or moreover, some people are idiots. This guy, or girl, seems to have lost what that is the reasonable digital equivalent of Newtons second principle – namely relevance. Relevance is the air that we all breath, the… Read more »

Facebooks new Page Guidelines

Tweet When Facebook made the Timeline available for brands earlier last week, my head went into YEY-mode. Finally we could utilize graphics to drive engagement and not only words. The timeline made available a workflow, rather than just posting. As a marketeer you could build engaging campaigns where the user got several chances to opt-in…. Read more »

Facebook Timeline for Pages

Tweet Facebook Timeline for pages is more than just a simple redesign. It is a new way of communicating on Facebook. Thus I find it important to write a few words on what you need to think about when planning what to put on your page. This blog post will cover the main design elements… Read more »

Facebook Timeline and the return of Gifts

Tweet Facebook Timeline and Open Graph was released on F8 this week. The return of Timeline is a nice and well anticipated one. Back in 2007 there was a similar function to timeline where you could see a persons activity and information placed on a timeline. This was nice as you could show your previous relationships,… Read more »