Google Analytics

Google Analytics
In page Analytics for Google Analytics
October 24, 2010
There is this new neat feature in Google Analytics being tried out in Beta version right now. What it does is to display graphically how your visitors move over your pages.
Google Analytics
Web Analysis beyond KPIs – Using data to solve problems
September 19, 2010
Tweet I went to the SEM conference last week and held two talks. This is the second one I held. It might not seem like this presentation is about analytics at all, but it really is… I promise. The thing is that I feel that too many presentations on analysis and metrics are about data [...]
Google Analytics
Brian Clifton – Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics
April 18, 2010
I've finally come around to reading a sneak preview of Brian Cliftons book about advanced metrics and Google Analytics. Actually, I shouldn't use the word advanced as it might fear some of you potential readers out of reading this book.
Google Analytics
3 Simple Steps to Track Share Buttons in Google Analytics
January 17, 2010
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Event Tracking is one of the most powerful tracking possibilities in Google Analytics to track the virality of what you produce on your website, blog or web project. With even tracking you can simulate page views in flash files so that you can see the interactivity between your user and your flash file. With Event Tracking you can track clicks on buttons, how long it takes to load a certain element, or as in this example how many people shares your material on social platforms/subscribe to your RSS. The implementation requires that you have an account on Google Analytics and that you have implemented the ga.js script instead of the legacy urchin.js script in the bottom of your pages.
Google Analytics
How to Qualify B2B Leads through Google Analytics Custom Reports
January 13, 2010
Tweet It is quite difficult to look at what each specific visitor does on your website through Google Analytics. However, if you are working as a consultant or a blogger you can track specific Network Locations of the visitors on your website. This generally means that you can see when someone from a company or [...]
Google Analytics
Google Analytics Annotations
December 7, 2009
Here is an extremely helpful tool I have completely missed out on so far in Google Analytics. Annotations is one of those things that makes your stats understandable and shareable within your organization. We cannot see similar functionality in other tools out there and Google are currently really pushing to become the number one in Analytics online.

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