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Importance of Gatekeepers on an Indexed web
November 9, 2014
Tweet So. Now that you have the framework of “The Index“, we can now start moving move into how to apply this thinking when working with digital marketing and PR. Let’s say you want something to grow organically. Well, if you are to be successful, then you have to have the ability to move between nodes/filter [...]
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The Index – The most important piece of content I have written, only a few people will ever read
October 23, 2014
The Index – The most important piece of content I have written, only a few people will ever read
Tweet This post is most likely the most important one I have written, next to “The web is a Liquid“, “The 5 Cs of Viral Marketing” and “Quantum SEO – A shift from Einstein Relativity“. The past two years have been highly disruptive for online marketing, with the introduction of preference, personalisation and sentiment into the algorithms [...]
Internet Philosophy
Usability and ease are killing the open web – Adapting to the Filter Bubble – Algorithms vs. Humanity
October 16, 2014
Tweet I held a talk last night at Hyper Island in Singapore. I had been left with a bad feeling in my stomach over what I have been doing to the web the past few years. My job is to figure out how the mechanics of online algorithms and networks work, and then use them, [...]
Internet Philosophy
Augmented reality Apps I want to see in the near future
October 18, 2010
There is this thing called augmented reality. It is basically a way for us to connect the information online with the offline world. My guess is that we will not see the implications of augmented reality for another couple of years.

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