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September 16, 2009

SEO for Flash Websites – SWFObject

Considering todays blog discussion at walternaeslund.com about Lowe Brindfors, and his previous posting about Forsman & Bodenfors, I will start a series of blog posts about how to implement Flash on a website that makes it:

  1. Accessible by people regardless of disabilities
  2. Accessible by Google spiders

As a person I try to find solutions and thus this is what I bring to the discussion table. A series of how tos’ aimed to solve a problem with web bureaus not utilizing all that is good with the web format.

SEO for Flash Websites – Using SWFObject
There have been some versions of SWFObject out there for some time. In the beginning, SWFObject was called FlashObject and was developed in order for you to put an alternate, HTML version, of your content as well as your designed flash content on your site. Read More