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Social Conversion is a topic that concludes how to convert sales, downloads or other success events through Social Media.

Top 5 Misconceptions about How Social Media traffic Converts

@hedenius, a distinguished and most prominent colleague of mine came up with the idea for this post. The 100th post of Social Media and conversion is one of those questions I think about all the time. The foundation for my analysis lies within the presentation I held at Searchmeet in 2009. It is all about baby steps, looking for small conversions leading to the final goal of a financial transaction.

Email and Social media

Email and social media has a positive relationship with regards to usage and consumption. This blog post tries to explain why this is so.

Online Marketing Matrix

This post will display one of those matrixes. Maybe not as useful as the one linked to above, but for organizations stuck in SEO-land, it might help with the visualization of where to go and what to do in order to go there.

The Rational of Irrational Social Media KPIs

Tweet Irrational economic decisions are made all the time in order to get something now, that will really cost us more in the long run than the value it gives us right away. Theories on irrational economic decisions are quite interesting when discussing social media KPIs as the basis of recommendation, word-of-mouth marketing, which is… Read more »

Social Media and KPIs

Tweet KPI A Key Performance Indicator is a measure of how good or bad you are performing on some measurements that are key to your business success. Generally a KPI is constructed as the sum or regression of some specific success events that you have pre-determined to be good for your company’s performance. Ie. a… Read more »

Viral Marketing through Google Docs

Tweet Here you see a picture of my newly added Google docs account. If you are working with any type of affiliate marketing this is the best launch pad for your viral campaigns. Using this, the pirate bay and YouTube, you can create an under ground viral campaign targeting special target groups. How to prepare… Read more »

The Mindset of an Online Consumer in Social Media

Tweet If you are looking to convert through social media, you have to recognize that it is a completely different task than converting traffic from a search engine. In this post I will quickly run through two situations where the mindset of a person will enable you to make a sale through social media. The… Read more »