Category: Social Information

Social Information covers how you can extract information from key target groups using social media as your way of maintaining and increasing your knowledge about your key stakeholders.

Openleaks – A new era begins

The past few months have been full of stories about the website Wikileaks. Personally I think Assange is a hoax. After watching a couple of interviews with him, it is evident he has no good intentions, but focus on building the myth about himself. Neither do I necessarily like the idea of government and corporate information leaking onto the web.

Who wants to pay for the profits?

Social media gives the market next to perfect information. Who wants to pay for the profits created by non-transparent business models? Who wants to pay for shit they do not want when they can buy shit they do want to the same price?

Web Analytics Wednesday presentation on Social Media Perspectives

My theory is that there are three major voices in the social media debate right now. There are the evangelists, the marketers and then a group I would like to call Dr Data. This presentation tries to tell the story of how these three groups communicate what social media is, what is its value and also how it should be measured.

How to work with Social Media Buttons

Tweet I was talking over Skype with my friend Peter Einarsson the other day. He asked me whether or not to use the ShareThis plugin for WordPress installations and social media buttons. Quite frankly, I get this question quite a lot as it is very simple to add the ShareThis plugin to a blog or… Read more »

Applied Linked Data

Tweet My thoughts have been spinning around KPIs and Social media the past few weeks. Today however, I saw this TED-talk which put the dot over the i when talking about the true importance and difference in the shift between Web 1.0 and Web 2.0. Social media, as a child to Web 2.0 is really… Read more »