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March 1, 2017

Answering 100 questions in 100 days #blogg100

This blog post is a part of the Swedish initiative #blog100 which was founded by the blogger Fredrik Wass in 2011 (if you need it, Google Translate it) as a challenge to blog every day for 100 days. The only other year I tried to fulfill the challenge, I decided to write 100 guest posts in 100 blogs, other than mine. Naturally, this took too much time. So this year, I am doing something else… I’m answering 100 questions in 100 days…

Every day I’ll post a video of at least one minute from my day. Hopefully it will show you some of the upsides and some of the struggle that you have to go through when you decide to change something in your life with the promise of a better tomorrow. (yeye… I know I’m already privileged, but hey, even kings have bad days… so…)

Below are a taste of what you can expect… (but in 1 minute…)

August 24, 2014

It is time to apply web conversion tactics to the real world

This video was shot in collaboration with Hyper Island in Singapore – Read more about Social lab here

I have been fortunate enough to be able to work in the “real world” a bit these past few months. It has been fun, and it has truly engaged me in the quest of turning the world into a website.

Not in the sense that I want to change the way we interact with each other, find a marquee tag for street lights and make window items clickable. No. I want us as marketers to start considering the methods, tactics and user funnels we use in the “digital world”, as means to drive conversion in the “real world”.

My main point being – the two are merging, and although we do not see the full extension of possibilities with the Internet of things yet, we are on the verge of this kind of evolution. However, we are in the early days, and just as in the early days of the web, user behaviour is still very simplistic and next to analogue. Thus you will have to use the equivalent tactics of the “Space jam 2” era, in order to decrease the friction between the perceptually two different worlds.

Or in other words:

1. Most of the stuff being shared online, happens offline and thus brands should spend their time trying to simplify online activation from the offline world if their goal is to get attention


2. We are in the early days of this, and so our solutions cannot be that fancy. Even though the technology is there, the user behaviour is not and thus we have to simplify shit in order to make it work, instead of making it fancy fancy and expensive.


3. Triggers are more important than coolness. Meaning a dot in the ground saying “Selfie spot” will actually induce more shares to the web, than a colossal blinking pillar with 2000 sqm of LED.

In the somewhat laughable video above, I elaborate on these thoughts.

This video was shot in collaboration with Hyper Island in Singapore – Read more about Social lab here

November 30, 2012

23 Video Launch in Sweden – Product Review

I generally do not do product reviews in my blog. Primarily because I am almost always disappointed due to “over sell, and under deliver” situations caused by lack of communication between PR and development. I don’t like to complain, if I don’t have anything of my own to bring. This time, however, I will make an exception. First, because I took some time off work yesterday to meet up with some people who were going to present a “revolution” in online video. Secondly, because I still think this product is worth noting.

So. To begin.

The invite e-mails were really good, the count down website hinted that great stuff was to be revealed. I got excited. Cool, I thought. Someone who MUST have something unique to say. Felt the little tingle in my groin. Perhaps I could get a Thursday treat? Perhaps someone had solved the problem of video production? Perhaps someone, perhaps 23 Video, would deem to be the product I brought to clients, and challenged them on their stale text pages.

To keep a long story short. I was disappointed. Not because the product sucked. It actually didn’t. But because it solves a problem which does not exist, with a solution I don’t need. If you say that you are going to revolutionize an online medium, then you’d better bring it. Otherwise people take time off work, only to get disappointed.

Although I was disappointed. I still think there are a few reasons you should consider buying.

What USPs do 23 Video have?

23 Videos own USPs were quite unclear. I heard the two words Simple and Control. Meaning it is simple to setup and it is easy to control. If you are a corporation looking for a good skin to a video website. Then this is one out of a dozen such services which will provide you with an easy to use video interface. Thus. Neither Simple, nor Control, should be anything new to you.

For me, the true USPs are in the back end. The videos are search engine friendly and you can easily setup scrapers to re-publish them on other websites. Perhaps a more difficult thing to sell to marketeers, but it breaths quality of some sort. I still lack the simple transcript possibilities and annotations that YouTube offers, but other than that it is quite a nice technical solution.

However. The problem with building your own video website is that no one will visit it unless you market it. Marketing your video website requires resources and you will never beat YouTube in distribution capabilities. Thus, for me, unless you offer a skinned version of YouTube, cheaper than the custom channels of they sell themselves, then you are not going to convince me that this is a good solution for distribution of video. If you are going to use video for communication purposes, distribution, and not storage, is the main concern.

Why does not 23 video solve THE problem?

23 Video seems to be an easily customizable platform. But I have never heard that customization, nor development costs is what holds corporations willing to do video, back. What holds them back is the video production. 23 Video, regardless of ease of use, does not solve this problem. No matter how many upload possibilities there are, people still have to consider what to do the video of.

In relation to images, tweets and comments – that are spontaneous events. Video, blog posts, campaigns are objects that trigger consideration. A product that is truly going to revolutionize video, needs to help the user take care of the consideration aspect. We have seen attempts of doing this by offering video templates in iMovie, JayCut and other such products. However, the area still needs further innovation to really take off. 23 video does not even aim at solving this problem and thus video production will remain an issue.

The pricing model is not that great either. 1. You still have to bring in a developer to setup your service. 2. You then pay a subscription fee which is more than the monthly fee for Panda and Amazon hosting. Thus it doesn’t save you money.

Why do I think you should buy it although I don’t like it?

So. Why should you buy 23 Video. Well, because it is easy to buy. You pay, setup and go. It is probably one of the better “out of the box” experiences I have seen for setting up a video website. You don’t even have to consult the IT-department. Nor have you got to talk to the security guys of your large corporation.

If you got the 500 bucks per month, you can make this happen from the Marketing or Communications department.Thus!!! And a very important THUS!! You don’t have to wait, which in the end might save you money as a result of not having to care about what IT believes is right or wrong.

Secondly, their 100% Human – customer service – looks really promising. This means you have a personal contact within the company that will help you setup and get going with your installation of the service.


I got pissed by the haussed PR preceding the launch, in contrast to what was offered. I didn’t like the way the product was displayed, and I didn’t think they brought anything new to the table. Thus, they didn’t revolutionize anything yesterday.

However, they have managed to package video websites in a format which is easy to buy for the client. Given that their 100% Human approach is actually what you get, I think it is worth while to have a look at.

December 9, 2009

How to Create a YouTube Video Response in under 3 minutes

YouTube video responses is one out of several cool ways that you can promote your videos on YouTube. I have put up a couple of cover songs on my account in order to pull up the channel views and thus have a better chance at ranking well with my complete channel.

This video takes you through the very simple steps you need to know when you make a video response. It is EXTREMELY simple and loads of fun, so I recommend you take the three minutes to kick back and watch it and then start doing it.

October 31, 2009

Singing and playing on YouTube

Sometimes I do other things than social media and seo as well. I will try to spice this blog up with some of my “me” sides instead of just keeping it facts based. I know… I’m a sucker… but still people like entertainment..


October 25, 2009

It’s Tiger Woods that have a Glitch, Not the Game – Jesus Shot, EA Games

You have all seen it. One of the never ending examples of how to handle criticism from a company’s perspective. I’ve sometimes thought to myself that I would kill if I ever heard about that again. The “Jesus Shot” by Tiger Woods is one of the more viral and funny videos from a company in YouTube’s history.

Now, EA wanted to “prove” that there was no glitch in their game, and that Tiger Woods is “Just that good”.

Think again EA Sports. The glitch is not in the game. It is in Tiger Woods, and one of my golf playing friends had the decency to bring this to my attention.

I made this video clip to show what I mean.

Thanks Stefan Deak for the update on Golf Rules!