Facebook Idiots can go to Hell

I’ve had it. Enough is enough. Facebook has finally shown they cannot handle their position as number 1 in the social scene online. I am completely and utterly disappointed with Mark his crew. Haven’t they learned anything from their past or anything from the web?

[Update: To clarify. The NEW thing with this is that they are removing the notification possibility making applications that utilize user vs. user interaction A LOT less effective.]

Changes to the terms of service

I was thinking that when the latest update of the terms and conditions came along it was a mere high five to the legislators of some idiot government somewhere. The new rules stated three extremely important changes to the Facebook page terms of service:

  1. You have to ask permission for any kind of promotion
  2. Your promotion can’t have demands of joining a page to enter
  3. Post to wall is restricted to the special privileges
  4. (It became strictly forbidden to promote gambling, which is not as important… yet extremely annoying.)

This did not only piss me off as these benefits were what made Facebook so easy to work with. These ARE the benefits of working with and on the Facebook platform. This way we didn’t have to run a campaign website on the side, this way all the viral aspects of having 400 million people in the same place could take effect as we could utilize the long tail of interests and thus make a buck or two regardless of what we were working on.

Destroying what helped build them

Today, I get a message from one of the applications that has helped to build Facebook to the platform it is today. One of the thousands and again thousands of applications that Facebook has paid NOTHING to have in place. Remember, even the “tag a friend” application was created by someone not working on Facebook. The throw a sheep application was as well. All they “invented” was the ability to poke another member. So excuse me when I say FUCK YOU FACEBOOK!!

This is the reason for my anger (click to enlarge):

They are removing the possibility to send automatic notifications disallowing you to use anything else but their own Facebook Connect functionality. THEY SHOULD GET SUED!! Someone wrote in a blog post a couple of weeks back that Google is behaving like Microsoft. I think that person is absolutely wrong. However, now we can truly see how Facebook is becoming another idiot corporation who is out to work against their users in order to advance their own interests.

Facebook is making money, and they could do like Google and go rev. share with their enthusiasts. That would have been a good thing as we would all earn money from what we do best.

But when a service like Facebook is starting to behave like government, then my stomach turns icky icky icky inside out.

My LAST warning to you Mark Zuckerfucker

I say this as a warning to Mark and the rest. Stop what you are doing right away. Continue doing what you did in the beginning. Open your platform and don’t start setting rules. Leverage the possibilities with the web, don’t MAKE THEM TURN AGAINST YOU. Cause rest assured… If you turn on us, we will turn on you. When we turn on you… well, let’s just say it won’t come in the shape of a Facebook group saying “Mark is an evil idiot”… There just simply might not be any group functionality at all to use…

10 thoughts on “Facebook Idiots can go to Hell”

  1. facebook has sucked for a quite a while. they’ve gone the ways of microsoft, google, and the like. corporate entities with investors, especially public trading corporations (ie. GOOG and MSFT) are totally spineless bastards when it comes to protecting users.

    all the bullshit of users/customers being stakeholders are garbage, it is and will always be the shareholders. facebook’s investors don’t care about the little user, they want ROI. and they want ROI now while diminishing legal responsibility.

  2. You might as well be better off making money off morons on FaceBook. At least you will have a higher standing in society once you are richer…. ziddu.com/download/10093866/facebook_morons_give_you_money.pdf.html

  3. i have tried for several hours to sign in, using any address I have.

    they will not accept anything, therefore I cannot access facebook.

    Please tell facebook to remove this fiffen crap.

  4. I liked the face back in the day when you could go on post something that stay at the top of your page until you posted something else. when they took that away I was upset but I stuck in there hoping there was something new and fresh…then they took away the option to directly save a pic that someone else posted to their page and made it so you have to Download it which can cause problems like open a door for viruses to get in…then they put that gay ass game bar next to the games that made all the games LAG more often then not. Now they have taken the Wall option away from the home page which makes it completely and utterly retarded.
    I don’t use mainstream acronyms very often but WTF! is up with these idiots do they want people to stick around for their bullshit website or not, because the way things are going people will definitely not want to stick around too much longer. i have sworn them off until the matters are resolved which I bet Jesus will return before that happens.


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