October 13, 2009

Talk at #eMetrics Stockholm, October 2009

There has been a lot of talk by so called social media gurus that social media cannot be measured in terms of ROI. I believe this to be far from accruate. I really wish I could have taken a recording from todays presentation to add to this slideshare document but I simply didn’t bring my camera or my pocket memory.

There are a few things to remember when looking through it.

  1. I was talking to the slides so some things … actually a lot of things are left out –> please enlighten me about these things
  2. In the slide with the usercase, the url entry page from the newsletter (ie. url plus tracker queery) is what is shared by the entering user. That way you can look at your top landing pages in order to determine the viral effect your users are exerting from sharing the content of your website. Ie. if they bring a lot of people there, then they are important to you. You should be particularly interested in knowing what they say about you as they seem to be influential.
  3. This presentation does in no way take away the fact that social media is about people. It enforces it. It is not the source page that is important anymore, but the person driving the traffic from the shared link on that source page. You should build your tracking structure so that you attribute value to the original share:er when one of the ppl he/she has brought to the website creates a success event.

Anyhow. Here is the presentation:



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