Wednesday Relations Workshop

I’ve had better presentations in my life. That’s for sure. But I guess we had some fun anyhow. I think I somewhat dissed Twitter. The group had a valid point that there are many decision makers engaged in Twitter, even over in Sweden. I still think the priority has to be to make strategies that are more focused towards the phenomenon rather than the tool with which you work. I don’t think I managed to get that through, but I rather instinctively reacted negatively towards Twitter. Sry bout that you guy’s who joined in.

I think I also managed to say some more or less confused sentences about how I view transparency. To just make it clear. Transparency with regards to intentions in social media – YES!! Transparency in all details about company affairs – HELL NO!!

I am currently heading towards Göteborg in the south west of Sweden. I am on the train, working away on my cpu. The presentation today was all about Social Media Strategy. Not in the sense that you should cover every aspect of what will happen once you engage in social media, but it breaks down some of the core questions you should answer before you set out.

Regardless of what you do, you will get happy faces, and sour faces. So as long as you decide upon a strategy, are prepared to muck it to better achieve your goals, then I guess a strategy is a pretty big thing to rest your decisions on.

Also. Another thing that we didn’t cover at all was the matter of values. You need solid values that are shared within the company. I usually say the best way to work with social media in large corporations is to work with internal communication, education and monitoring.

Anyhow. Here is the presentation. In English. I’ve also added one of them other “standard” strategy presentations from a “social media guru” so that you don’t miss out on the fundamental understanding of what social media is all about.

My prez from today

Standard prez i found on Slideshare

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