Why Honesty is the Right choice

As the Swedish readers might already know, I have decided to sign on as a partner with the Swedish agency Honesty. So, why did I choose Honesty. Well, I simply thought it was time to stand up for something, and if Honesty isn’t a worthy cause, then what is?

What does Honesty bring to the table?

At Honesty we aim to bring the offline and the online worlds together. We do not plan to just say we do, but we plan to actually do it. We know that we won’t get all the clients, but we know that we’ll be able to deliver to the clients we do take on. Opportunities in the online world appear as arbitrage possibilities on the stock market. They come and they go, they don’t stick around, and you have to be on the front line in order to take full advantage of them.

We will bring a combination of experiences together, strong enough to help clients take advantage of the arbitrage possibilities available in their vertical or sector.

Why did I choose to get on board

Well, if the above didn’t give reason enough. There are SO many ways in which money can be saved, SO many ways in which money could be made, by clients in SO many sectors. There are SO many ways in which companies can connect with their customers, there are SO many ways in which brand equity can be harvested, there are SO many low hanging fruits out there, for so many clients in so many industries. When offered to join a team of great people who believe in exactly the same thing as you do. Then who could resist?

Will this change the blog?

This blog will continue to write How To’s. I won’t stop sharing my knowledge or ideas just cause I sell them as well. I will continue to share what I think might bring value to the online community.

6 thoughts on “Why Honesty is the Right choice”

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  2. Many congratulations again Jesper. I’m sure you’ll continue to do a fantastic job in sharing your knowledge and insight, and I look forward to see how being closer connected to the ‘offline world’ affects you and your work (even though you say it won’t :))

  3. Thanx!! 😀

    @Oscar – haha… yes… but I’ll let Walter and Simon do the talking and I’ll be able to hide in the cup board working away on my computer. Found a new technique for YouTube seeding today.. I will display it when I have more stats 😀


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