In page Analytics for Google Analytics

There is this new neat feature in Google Analytics being tried out in Beta version right now. What it does is to display graphically how your visitors move over your pages.

Main features:

  • Display click patterns
  • Shows Goal conversion funnels visually
  • Allow for filtering so that you can monitor very specific tasks

With the in page analytics you will be able to view clicks, bounce rate, movement and highlights on the websites you have registered in your GA reports/profiles.

In fact, the GA toolbars show up when you run GA in the background and you visit one of the pages you have in your GA profiles or reports. It looks like below.

This is highly useful when looking at where to put the ads, but it is also very helpful when you start noticing how your visitors click links to navigate. Do they use the categories? Do they use your related posts top right? Do they click the track backs links? Well, it seems as though the answers to those questions are all yes, but perhaps not on every page.

I allow for all trackbacks from other pages that link to mine to show up in the bottom as I feel they add to my content and give the user a better visiting experience. However, I rarely flow pagerank through those trackback links. I believe there are several ways in which you can reward linkers without flowing pagerank. One of the best one is probably to send them traffic. This new feature in GA helps me to quite easily find the best place for these trackback links so that I can reward linkers with the most possible traffic amount.

With regard to conversion, you might want to start tracking every single link on your pages and put up as many goals as you have the availability for. That way you will be able to visually click around and follow your users from landing page to conversion, making it a lot easier to come to the conclusions that some of your stuff might not be working the way you plan it to, and some stuff that you didn’t know worked, is doing the miracle.

Find the new feature in your left hand navigation in Google Analytics under Content.

Play around and have fun.


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  1. On your first screen shot it says 10 % clicked you logo or HOME button in the navigation. Do you think that is an accurate number? Because the screen shot shows the HOMEPAGE right?


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