Google’s Real time Reading Abilities
October 23, 2012

As I was about to send an e-mail to a client, I got the prompt “We can see that you wrote “I enclose” in your message, but there are no files attached to your message. Want to send it anyway?”.

At first I thought: “Wow, thanxkxxks Google for helping me remember”. Then came the Big Brother sensation. WTF. Google, what are you doing reading my e-mail before I send them. Seriously. I can sort of accept that the e-mails go through your servers and that you read them when I post them. But before I post them… seriously…?

I won’t be a hater though. This sort of plays in to the already known facts that Google can understand a lot more of what we write and do. Not only read it an process it in their indexes, but also understand the context of what we are writing and its purpose.

Should be interesting to see if I could use this for SEO purposes somehow. But more on that later 😉

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Jesper Åström - @jesperastrom - is a digital tactician hired by people and companies all over the world to help solve their digital challenges. He is also a liked educator and business creator and currently develops educational programs in collaboration with Hyper Island in Sweden and Singapore, whilst building businesses in Sweden and Japan. Subscribe to Jespers YouTube Channel

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  • Susann Stjernborg says:

    That function has been around for a long time. I’ve had it for a lot more than a year.
    I think it was in the lab section of Gmail, at least to start with.

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