@MattCutts must Read my blog – Predictions from Matt on 2010

If you recall my post on Google challenges for search in 2010 a couple of weeks back, I mentioned my irritation with real time and personalized search. Matt Cutts gives some answers to my post in this, the latest, YouTube video released on the Google Webmasters channel.

As you all know, that is a big fat lie on my behalf. Although I can see some traffic coming from Google Inc. to my blog, I suppose that is moreover some bot trying to check whether or not my posts on link acquisition are of any concern or not. The post on building links through social media had a whopping 13 visitors from Google Inc. Must be the whole Anti Spam team.. haha.. NOT…

Stop the crap Jesper, let’s just watch the vid… ok?

Either way it is interesting to listen to what Matt has to say in this video. Only 300 has watched it at this time (of writing) and so you can be the first with some unique insights on what Google themselves see as predictions/challenges for 2010.

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