How to get series

The “How to get”-series is a series of blog posts that cover how to grow in terms of likes, views, shares, fans, followers and other such things and how this eventually will turn into traffic you can convert into business.

I will start out by looking at vanity metrics, then move onto how to convert those into business metrics that matter.

How to get vanity metrics up without buying likes, followers, shares and views

These posts will consider sustainable growth of vanity metrics. This means they will only cover the tactics that build a following which is non-paid, organic and that is genuinely interested in what you do and what you share. If not, they would be really wasteful. Yes, I will try all methods to build volume, but I will only recommend the ones that work.

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How to convert vanity metrics to business metrics that matter

These posts will cover how to convert the following you have built into some kind of business. I will use myself as an example, and then help you out applying it to different sectors and business models.

  • How to convert a like into a lead
  • How to use a lot of Twitter followers as a business tactic
  • How to convert from Instagram

The links above will be clickable as the articles are updated.

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