5 Hints on why Gangster Rap and Social media go hand in hand

As you all know by now, it’s the level of gangster rapper in you that makes you succeed or fail in social media. I am going to make 10 strong arguments to why this is the case. But first put on this track, kick back and read this 5 bullet advice stack.

1. Beef it
Ever heard of a true hip hop beef? It can make you or break you. Just as in social media, if you can handle the open battle with another rapper and come out on top, then you’re the new black. So many of the high rollers in social media today have built their success on beefing with others.

2. Listen to the beat and go with the flow
Just as in hip hop you got to learn to hear the sick beat of the street. If you don’t then you’re out the door faster than a rabbit … You cannot prepare for what’s going to be around the next corner, but you have got to be ready for it. By keeping your ear in the direction of the people you trust and follow your heart, then you shouldn’t be worse than any other bloke out there.

3. Give shout outs to anyone you got love for
This is something real gangster rappers do all the time. They shout out to anyone in their click worth mentioning. This rule goes for social media as well. Do them retweets, do them links from your corporate blog, pack people together and connect the dots. If you do, then you set yourself as the crew front man (woman), and that’s where you want to be. If you can take the heat.

4. If you’re different, thou shall be noted
Just as on the hip hop scene the originals come up faster than the ones running main street. You want your mix tape run by the illest dj’s, played on the sickest radio stations and promoted by the realest people. One thing in common for these people is that they have to stay on top of their game. They have to stay fresh. Provide them with new and original stuff and you’ll have a greater chance of making it. Keep that in mind when constructing your rhymes, social media strategy or next marketing campaign.

5. The Gunz come out
It is for real and you got to be able to handle the heat. This means you have to get your crew in sync and make sure you have everyone’s loyalty. Just as in the hood, you cannot have any snitches in a world wide organization. If you stay true to the street this will never go wrong as you will get all the street cred you deserve.

Listen, it is the rules of the street out there and you can’t just come running with standardized forms for people. They just won’t give a damn. It might even be so that it is what makes them pop you instead of letting you go.

That’s the realest advice I can give, for you to take with you during the weekend!

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  1. @Hessam – hehe… indeed!! He doesn’t build up… he gets at them from the first bar and never slows down 😀 haha…


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