November 4, 2009

The difference between Marketing and Tribaling

The essence of good Marketing
When marketing in a smart way you know that you need to be relevant towards your target group. For example, if a person owns an old car that has just broken down, and you are a good marketeer, then you know that this person shouldn’t be offered ice cream as a solution. Your understanding is that this simply wouldn’t fix their problem. Naturally you would try to solve their problem by offering them the kind of new car or reparation service they need to solve their mess. In the best case scenario you become their designated go to guy when a similar thing happens again.

The essence of good Tribaling
Tribaling is different from this as you need to know your customer intimately. You need to know what their passion is and you need to share this passion with them, and aid them in embracing their passion. For instance if a person is passionate about ice cream and their car breaks down when they are out driving, and you offer them ice cream as the solution, you will probably be as relevant as if you were offering the person a new car. In the best case scenario you become their designated go to guy regardless of what has happened.

And all this means what?
Marketing towards tribes is thus not about marketing towards target groups that are passionate about something. It is getting to know your customer well enough to know how you can help them, regardless of the problem they’re facing.

Hence, Tribal marketing is knowing who still prefer the ice cream instead of the new car when the old car has broken down.

To attain this understanding about your customers you will have to listen, interact and connect with them. If you do, then both you and I know you can keep them margins high on your products and you don’t have to waste money on people that don’t want to have it. You can specialize and outsource some of the production and loads of the business development to the tribal leaders. You can earn loads of money from knowing who is connected to through loving what you do.

Just some nightly thoughts. Now sleep.

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