SEO Tutorials

Search engine optimization or SEO as it has been known is one of the most exciting things to work with on the modern web. Considering that the topic contains everything from web design, choice of domain name, loads of marketing aspects, the way you setup your webserver to the mere code you use when you program your website it pretty much covers all the aspects of your web development process.

Google is nowadays the main concern for any SEO. Not merely because they maintain to deliver qualified search engine result pages, but also because the secrecy of their algorithms is up to so much debate.

This blog is intended to solve some of the questions concerning you when working with social media, search engine optimization and how you use the both do drive revenue to your website.

Complete Guide to Search Engine Optimization

Wikipedia Definition

As for all good people out there I use Wikipedia to hold my hand when I’m lazy. Thus here is Wikipedia’s take on search engine optimization.

Google Resources

SEO is a practice that sometimes obides with what the search engines like and sometimes with what is effective. It is always good to know when you are walking the thin gray line between black hat and white hat SEO.

What is it about

100 – SEO Copy

This part of the SEO tutorial I am building is targeted towards beginners. You out there who need to get going in search engine optimization but really haven’t got a clue what to do or where to start. Please have a look at this SEO 100 tutorial before moving onto the rest.

200 – SEO site structure, navigation and internallinks

This part of the tutorial takes aim at the more experienced SEO people out there. In this part of the search engine optimization tutorial I move onto talking about things that can be more of guess work on my behalf. This section is based upon experience and not upon facts.. although they might sometime, or most of the time, converge.

300 – Redirection

Redirecting old content to new places or redirecting domains, servers etc is important to know when working with SEO. If you are working in highly competitive serps, you have to know about how to work with redirects in order to gain valuable domain strength amongst other reasons.

400 – SEO external links, semantic indexing and neighborhood techniques

500 – SEO for Flash websites

This is the most boring SEO tutorial I am going to write, but it is regretfully quite necessary. I don’t know why, but many of the ad agencies out there seem to not get search engine optimization and they definitively don’t get usability or accessibility. This part of the tutorial is aimed at them.