How to win a Golden Egg
April 15, 2011

Well. The formula is actually quite simple. You work with some of the most devoted creative people you’ve ever been around, you hang around for a year or two and woops. There it is.

This blog post is about what happened last night. Honesty got nominated for an advertising award a couple of weeks ago. Last night was the epic award ceremony, and I was there to enjoy it with my friends and colleagues. I had absolutely nothing to do with the content we got nominated for, but it felt equally great anyhow. I know what a risk our client took when they brought us onboard and I know how much sweat was put into creating the concept. If I ever become a client, I want to be like the people at Halebop!

Martin and Petrus are the two people behind the concept of the TV-ads we got nominated for. Our second Martin was there to cut and pull the late nighters. Anna and Sara were also engaged in the creative process. Probably forgot to mention someone… I was just a spectator watching true art being rolled out in front of the rest of us.

With this blog post I want to give whatever cheers I can pass onto my colleagues! You make the rest of us shine!

Oh yeah… if it wasn’t obvious enough… we won …


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