October 25, 2009

It’s Tiger Woods that have a Glitch, Not the Game – Jesus Shot, EA Games

You have all seen it. One of the never ending examples of how to handle criticism from a company’s perspective. I’ve sometimes thought to myself that I would kill if I ever heard about that again. The “Jesus Shot” by Tiger Woods is one of the more viral and funny videos from a company in YouTube’s history.

Now, EA wanted to “prove” that there was no glitch in their game, and that Tiger Woods is “Just that good”.

Think again EA Sports. The glitch is not in the game. It is in Tiger Woods, and one of my golf playing friends had the decency to bring this to my attention.

I made this video clip to show what I mean.

Thanks Stefan Deak for the update on Golf Rules!

  • Martin S., October 25, 2009 Reply

    Hilarious man, absolutely hilarious!

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