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8 Tactics on How to Launch a YouTube video

Tweet Sometimes we create campaigns supported by media. The media is aimed to drive traffic to whatever campaigns we have. In the case of using YouTube, an iPhone app or some kind of other product that is full of content that we assume will be consumed by the end user. However, in most cases, all… Read more »

Personal: Found some inspiration for a song

Tweet A few days ago I found the inspiration to play music again. Staying in line with what I’ve said previously, I am going to make some more “personal posts” in this blog. Although completely irrelevant to some of you out there, it helps my view count on YouTube, plus, perhaps, shows that there is… Read more »

YouTube Community Violation

Tweet As you all know, I don’t care too much about rules when I test the boundaries of what is doable in the online environment. Today, I got busted in one of my attempts to create a viral video. Here is the story. Showing signs of becoming a viral video I saw a clip about… Read more »

7 YouTube Marketing Facts you Need to Understand

There are several things you need to consider before putting money into a YouTube channel for your business. The first and most obvious question you have to answer is “why do it at all?”. For me, YouTube has become a great HUB for sharing tutorials which I find difficult to explain in writing. The problem, as we all know, is that people really hate reading long blog posts. Regardless of how well written they are.

Christmas with Halebop

We’ve just released one of the new Halebop videos for Christmas on YouTube. How do you feel we’re catching the xmas spirit?

Halebop TV-Campaign

We launched some TV commercials with our client Halebop the other week. These videos are now available from the Halebop YouTube channel. I will get back at you with more on how we re-launch the Halebop brand in later posts. For now I’ll just leave you with the videos and a “this is just the beginning” for the future :)

Think Different

Most of the time I do not only feel a bit crazy, I get told I am. That’s why I find peace in watching these kind…