Duplicate content penalization – Exhibit A

Duplicate content penalization – Exhibit A

Duplicate content does penalize your website if your content exist on another strong domain. With penalization I mean that Google would push my page downwards in the SERPs because of that the content exists elsewhere. This means that if my content was supposed to be on page 1, then it is all of a sudden on page 3 or 5 or 10 or not in the index at all. with filtering they mean that you get grouped under the little thing called “similar” in the SERP snippet.

Diminishing returns to scale, and the User as a Fish

I wrote my final university paper on fish, eco labels and international trade. I found that fish are fish and thus belong to no one before they’re in the net, eco labels do create some wickeid kind of price premium and it is actually better to invest in industry than fishery in Tanzania.

This post is an attempt to connect international trade of fish with eco labels and social media.

13 Advice when Link building through Social Media

13 Advice when Link building through Social Media

Building links through social media is one of the most difficult practices out there. Here is a little example of how it could be done and what you should think about when trying to utilize the social capital of dialogue marketing for link building purposes.

I know the genuine people out there feel like I am an asshole for writing this post in such a cynical way. However, I am not really writing it for you. I am writing this post for those of you who struggle every day to build links that aren’t happy about your situation and want to try something new. Focus on person and not on page.

The difference between Marketing and Tribaling

When marketing in a smart way you know that you need to be relevant towards your target group. Tribaling is different from this as you need to know your customer intimately. Tribal marketing is knowing who still prefer the ice cream instead of the new car when the old car has broken down.

Singing and playing on YouTube

Sometimes I do other things than social media and seo as well. I will try to spice this blog up with some of my “me” sides instead of just keeping it facts based. I know… I’m a sucker… but still people like entertainment..

Tribal Word-of-Mouth marketing

In this video I present some of my thoughts surrounding word of mouth marketing in a tribal environment. I am quite tired when I record this so my enthusiasm does not give my inner feelings about this topic the justice it deserves. However, I felt like I needed to say this. For more on Tribes please check under the blogroll tab and you’ll find a blog called tribaling.se. That guy knows a lot about these things so, you should read more.

Keep the offline business, but please expand in the online business

Keep the offline business, but please expand in the online business

Some companies just won’t get on this train of social media and search. Some companies are just too ignorant, too arrogant and too self indulging to understand that the future does not lie in the past, but in the future. Adapting has always been the human beings way of survival. It plays out in all parts of our society. Europe was leading until the kings, church and queen stuff made the “janks” want to turn on us and become a republic. They then ruled the world until now when we see the Chinese take over as they change, they adapt and most of all, they adopt better practices instead of relying on best practices.

It’s Tiger Woods that have a Glitch, Not the Game – Jesus Shot, EA Games

The “Jesus Shot” by Tiger Woods is one of the more viral and funny videos from a company in YouTube’s history.

Now, EA wanted to “prove” that there was no glitch in their game, and that Tiger Woods is “Just that good”.

Think again EA Sports. The glitch is not in the game. It is in Tiger Woods, and one of my golf playing friends had the decency to bring this to my attention.