adsttnmq1 hack and the cleanup

As you have seen my summer school plans haven’t really added up to what neither one of us expected. It is not that I haven’t got any posts to write or publish. It is just that I haven’t had the motivation to do the last bits and pieces and secondly because my blog got hacked.

This post will help you get rid of the adsttnmq1 hack.

The adsttnmq1 hack attacks you from the hosting end. It is thus not an update error in your WordPress version or such. This attacks you when you are on shared hostings or hostings with low protection.

The adsttnmq1 hack puts two or more directories into your root directory. These contain the code that will be placed into your index.php file or equivalent. What you have to do is to first remove these directories and then turn to your index-file to remove the code generated there. This code is not visible until you remove the directories.

Just watch the video explaining it below. But first some general thoughts on link hackers.

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