Everything Marketing – You can’t believe what happened next!

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From the makers of word of mouth, omni-marketing and viral apps, comes the new and evolution sloshing concept of – Everything Marketing!

This new type of marketing says all that all others have said before, but uses the new, and super all inclusive term of Everything to precede the word Marketing. Thus, now marketers do not have to reinvent their business every other year! NO! From now on, marketing is EVERYTHING! Not only this! Meaning the stuff we have. But also all future rebranding of that same thing!


  • SEO – yepp!
  • Social media marketing – yepp!
  • Viral marketing – yepp!
  • Omni channel marketing – yepp!
  • Content marketing – INCLUDED!!
  • All future and other types of marketing – FOR FREE!!


Seriously though… wouldn’t our industry be so much better off if we just sold our shit based on what it actually helps solve, rather than that it is the newest kid on the block?

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