A Web of Things, Google starts to connect the dots

I wrote a post a couple of months ago that received some sceptic comments about its plausibility. Well, I hate to say I was right. Or, I wasn’t right at all, I was just writing something about what someone else had said. Quite non-original.

Linking things is one of the next steps of the web. My god, during the days I talk about SEO and its importance to the web. If I would talk about what’s coming, then I would get shot down quicker than a rabbit…. hmm… let’s not get into that 🙂

For those of you who haven’t seen this yet, I would like for you to reflect upon this fantastic Google venture. This is one of the first serious attempts to link the web to actual things we have around us.

2 Examples that Help you Understand Irrational Decisions

So why do I continue yapping about Economics when this blog is about social media and SEO? Well basically it has an intrinsic relationship. If you want to know where revenues can be returned from your social media investments, you really have to pay notice to the way that we as humans make decisions about our finances.

I haven’t seen any blogs yet that have made the connection with regards to Social media so I believe there is a void to fill here. This blog post takes aim at describing what an irrational decision is.