5 Advice to Improve the Link Building eMail

The perfect link building e-mail consists of a couple of must haves. Here I list five advice that work for me. I vary a lot as I generally don’t work with e-mail when building links. Perhaps the introduction is through e-mail, but I try to get everyone I meet online down in my MSN or Skype as soon as possible.

From your Skype or MSN you can build lasting relationships with people that might not only result in more links, but also in lasting online friendships. This naturally requires that you have content worth linking to. Otherwise you’ll be stuck in the sick land of having to pay for your links. Yes, in some verticals you’ll have to pay for your links either way… but like Gary Beal says… then you might just want to consider “buying sites instead of buying links”, as the cheaper alternative.

5 Win Back eMail Campaign Examples

A win back e-mail campaign is a set up that helps you recover people that have 1. either dropped out of your e-mail send list or 2. stopped using one or several of your services on your website. Win-back campaigns are almost always automated and they should be as they would otherwise take far too much of your time.

This blog post aims at giving you 5 examples of when and how you can use win back e-mail campaigns. I will try to give you some insight to how I build win back campaigns and hopefully give you one example that works for you.

Welcome to eMail Week

Welcome to e-mail week. In my titles I will write eMail as I think this looks a bit cooler than e-mail and it is a way for me to write e-mail 2.0 but in another way. lol… THIS is e-mail week on jesperastrom.com and I will use this week to write five posts on how to use e-mail on the modern web. I will combine each post with either SEO, social media or conversion. We will cover win-back campaigns, link building and most importantly the intersection between marketing and dialogue.

This post will be a general post of how you can use e-mail on the modern web. You have seen your opening rates drop the past few years and you’re starting to question e-mail as a means for your communication. What you really should do is to start questioning yourself. E-mail is by far the most popular activity online, even surpassing search. The problem is not that e-mail has become bad, it is YOU who’ve become worse.

Why E-mail has Been my Best Friend since 1996

There is a lot buzz about this thing out there we call social media. People have a difficult time realizing what this “new thing” is supposed to be good for. At the same time this new thing seems to grow as fast as a flu virus in a crowded room.

People are also starting to question whether or not Social Media will kill other things on the web. I have previously written about this, and more significantly I have written about E-mail & Social media and how to combine the two. I don’t believe for a second that social media will kill e-mail as e-mail, by all means, is in fact an extremely social media. The whole point of e-mail is interaction between one or several people.