Facebook Deals through Places

Tweet Facebook Deals were introduced just a few months ago and is yet to be rolled out in many countries. There aren’t any real cases to be spoken of, but the potential of connecting the online to the offline makes Deals important enough to not look away from. This article will discuss some of this … Read more

Removal of FBML-Application

Tweet As Facebook announced on the 10th of February this year, they are depreciating the use of FBML starting tomorrow. This means that all of your created welcome landing pages you are yet to deploy in the FBML-application will not be possible from tomorrow (11th of March) onwards. Existing FBML-boxes do still work We do … Read more

Facebook Groups – a complete Guide

About a month ago I started getting really annoyed by the new Facebook Groups function as I was being added to virtually all kinds of e-mail lists, thus getting my inbox completely crammed with different messages from “friends” and other people who had decided I should join. This blog post shows you the insights on how to create and how to use a Facebook Group.