Facebook SEO aims to Rank On Brand names and Profiles

One of my friends knows about my infatuation with Facebook exploration and thus asked me a question about Facebook privacy that made me think of something.

Since a while back you have to uncheck a button in order to not show up in Google with your profile. This is quite straight forward. One thing which is not that straight forward are what is visible and why exactly that information is visible.

2 Simple Hacks to Create an iFrame on a Facebook Fan Page tab

I found this neat little script today that I amended a bit. Not a lot, but just a bit to suit my purposes. As we all know, Facebook doesn’t allow you to put an iFrame on a Facebook Fan Page tab. I decided that I wasn’t going to follow this rule as it didn’t fit either mine or my fan page users needs.

There are two small changes you need to do to make the script work miracles for you and your Fan page. Well, you’ll need to read this on how to create an FBML-box to your Facebook Fan page, or this to know how to set up a Facebook Fan page first. But then you can move on to downloading the .rtf file above and read what I’ve written below.

The 7 Most important Privacy settings for your Facebook Profile

Right. So it is time for some of you speeders out there to get some advice on how you should secure your profile settings on Facebook. If you are running a Facebook Group then you especially have to pay notice to this. For Page owners it is easier as you always speak through the logo of your Facebook Page.

This post should bring you to a stage where you are able to determine what settings you should use for your different visibility options. If you are running a corporate Facebook Page I suggets you pay a lot of attention to the Search engine visibility part as this is highly important to you.

4 to 5 Advice for your First Facebook Ads Campaign

Are Facebook Ads the new Black? Well in this post we take one step into creating your first Facebook Ad campaign. It is not a complete guide but it gives you those first steps and hints on how to create and target your first Facebook Ad Campaign.

To start off, Facebook Ads are not something you should start out doing like you target keyword searches in normal PPC campaigns. If you do so you will most likely fail, or run super expensive campaigns. I ran my first Facebook Ads campaign with a voucher. The complete budget was spent in a day and although I had gained 100 000 something displays of my Facebook Ad, I had only received 2 or three clicks. What did I do wrong?

Facebook introduces Targeted Status updates for Pages

I just saw the coolest thing on my own Facebook Page. It seems as though Facebook will allow for demographic targeted updates on your Facebook Page status update and link sharing. You know the stuff that gets into the news or live feed of your Facebook Page Fans.

Targeting have previously been possible for those updates for pages that no one – and I mean NO ONE – reads. This has huge implications for companies running one page towards several different countries. You’ll now be able to use one page yet update in local languages. Awesome!! Right?

Extend you Facebook Page with Applications

Extend your Facebook Page with Applications. This post takes you through the steps you need to know in order to publish your own customizations to your Facebok Page.

There are a couple of ways in which you can and should extend your Facebook Page. Especially when you’re working with driving business through you engagement in the social web. Remember that most of your business/sales are conducted through an opt-in scenario where you should keep your target person entertained, happy or inspired until they are in the mood of buying. That way you’ll make sure you’re top of mind in talks about your sector or when the person him-/herself is in the mood for buying.

How to create a Facebook Fan Page in 11 steps

How to create a Facebook Fan Page from scratch. A complete tutorial with images from Facebook and with detailed descriptions on how to do the basic setup of your Facebook page. Facebook pages are one of the key features when engaging your company in social media. It is a simple way to get up and running in a very limited time. This post is the first in a series about Facebook Fan Pages. The index for this tutorial will be listed under the Social Media option in the top navigation.