The Web is a Liquid

I sometimes turn to insanity to find answers to the easiest questions out there. Lately I have been thinking a lot about the web as a matter. You know, stuff. I have been thinking about the density of the web and how one would be able to bend it. Currently my thought process is somewhere close to the web being a liquid.

The Internet is Matter, let’s try to bend it

Have you ever thought about what the Internet consists of? Does it have a mass? Does it actually physically exist else than as an abstract being we’re able to use to express ourselves and communicate.

I started thinking about this when I was watching a commercial on web-tv the other day. I thought “Yes. The Internet must be a matter as it has a mass and it has a volume. In order to communicate through the web, it needs to reflect light. Otherwise we would not be able to see it. Considering even light bends when effected by gravity, and the web reflects light, it must too consist of matter. So, what is the density of the web and how can we bend it?”

A Menace to the Open Web life itself

Well. The most common problem is that people are running old stuff on their computers that lack the necessary security patches installed. Some people have it like this cause they are lazy, but most haven’t got their systems updated simply cause they don’t know that their computers are being used by others.

Secondly, the direct profits from stealing the information on these computers is quite huge. The estimates were quite rough but since this is an automated process the people behind it are sure to make their buck just from the theft.

Pause your other Activities and Reflect for a minute

I live in Sweden and although there are many of you out there reading this blog, that are from other countries, I have to use this blog, today, to post a Swedish video to help the Red Cross Sweden get valid information out. There has been many fake initiatives around the web. People not using this time to give, but to steal. It is horrible, but it is a fact.

I received this video from the Red Cross and I wish you take the 2 minutes and watch it. We all know that ratings, views and comments are important to make a video rank on YouTube. Please help the Red Cross get out there with their own information instead of the bluff makers stealing.

Wednesday Relations Workshop

I’ve had better presentations in my life. That’s for sure. But I guess we had some fun anyhow. I think I somewhat dissed Twitter. The group had a valid point that there are many decision makers engaged in Twitter, even over in Sweden. I still think the priority has to be to make strategies that are more focused towards the phenomenon rather than the tool with which you work. I don’t think I managed to get that through, but I rather instinctively reacted negatively towards Twitter. Sry bout that you guy’s who joined in.

I am currently heading towards Göteborg in the south west of Sweden. I am on the train, working away on my cpu. The presentation today was all about Social Media Strategy. Not in the sense that you should cover every aspect of what will happen once you engage in social media, but it breaks down some of the core questions you should answer before you set out.