The Buzz is all About Connecting Places (and a new Verb)

I am breaking eMail Week for an important message. Google Buzz was released a couple of days ago. This will not be a post describing what Google Buzz is. This post is way more important than that. This post will be about what Google Buzz means. I assure those of you engaged in the Facebook vs. Twitter vs. Buzz discussion that you will NOT get arguments for or against.

To understand Anything of what I am about to say in this post you must see this video that is more and more becoming sicker and sicker for every new thing that pops up on the “new web”.

12 Hours of Matt Cutts can Make you see stuff

Ok, I’ll have to break e-mail week for this… I like watching clips on YouTube. A couple of weeks ago I spent watching 12 hours of video from the Google Webmaster Help channel. Yes, that means all of it. (yes… I am sick…)

I truly feel like I am onto something, but before I draw any conclusions I probably must watch the videos one more time. NOT… But, since I take pride out of making fun of people who think Google and Matt Cutts are up to no good, I decided to find my own three conspiracy themes to discuss for the coming week, perhaps they will give you the “secret insight” on how to rank on top of Google’s search results?? :S :

Turn Waste of Time into Online Books through reCAPTCHA

Google has launched reCAPTCHA in order to help digitize books. Oh, yeah, this came as a surprise to you as well? It did for me at least. Actually, this is one of the reasons I love Google. They computed that we write about 200 million CAPTCHAs on the web every day. Each CAPTCHA takes about 10 seconds to write and thus we waste about 500.000 hours every day writing CAPTCHAs.

To make a long story short. Google decided that they wanted to do something with this otherwise wasteful use of time. As they are working on digitizing all the books in the world, they decided that they should put the two problems together and make them work for each other.

@MattCutts must Read my blog – Predictions from Matt on 2010

If you recall my post on Google challenges for search in 2010 a couple of weeks back, I mentioned my irritation with real time and personalized search. Matt Cutts gives some answers to my post in this, the latest, YouTube video released on the Google Webmasters channel.

As you all know, that is a big fat lie on my behalf. Although I can see some traffic coming from Google Inc. to my blog, I suppose that is moreover some bot trying to check whether or not my posts on link acquisition are of any concern or not. The post on building links through social media had a whopping 13 visitors from Google Inc. Must be the whole Anti Spam team.. haha.. NOT…

Google AdWords Hick up this Weekend?

As my friend Christian Rudolf notices in his blog post Google PPC-Scams (read through Google Translate as the post is in Swedish) there seems to be a hick up in Google AdWords since a couple of days ago. Google usually doesn’t allow you to buy PPC for gambling related ads. During the holiday break it seems some fortunate PPC producer has had his hands full in exploiting some hole in the AdWords system. I wonder if this works for several markets.