Carles Puyol is Who You should turn to for Advice on Social Media

There is something many people don’t assume about me. I am a hard core football (soccer/european football) fan. Perhaps not in the sense that I stay loyal to one team over a life time, but in the sense that I love the game. I watch as much football as my work schedule allows me to do. Even when I work I watch football on a second screen, or listen to it whilst I am writing. Right now I have football on when writing this.

The 80 dollar Waste of money on Online Advertising

There is a 80:1 relationship on how much money companies spend on marketing for people to visit their website and how much they spend on actually converting them when they get there. That’s a sick relationship right? That’s like going to the pub, putting on the best behavior, being generous, hitting on the most beautiful girl at the place and getting her to come with you home, only for you to live in a dirty shack where your skidding tracked boxers are laying there in the hallway, there is hair all over the toilet and long hairs in different color all over the bed. IDIOTIC if you want to get laid right? So why do we behave exactly like that when it comes to money spend and the web?

Tribal Word-of-Mouth marketing

In this video I present some of my thoughts surrounding word of mouth marketing in a tribal environment. I am quite tired when I record this so my enthusiasm does not give my inner feelings about this topic the justice it deserves. However, I felt like I needed to say this. For more on Tribes please check under the blogroll tab and you’ll find a blog called That guy knows a lot about these things so, you should read more.