5 Easy Methods to Build Business through LinkedIn

It is nice to see how LinkedIn has managed to maintain their professional status amongst the social networks. Other networks such as Plaxo and user customized Ning communities have a tendency to turn into friend quarters. Being a friend quarter you have to compete against Facebook, Orkut, vKontakte or wer-kennt-wen which means you are probably dead.

But what is to earn from engaging in or letting your employees engage in LinkedIn. Personally I use LinkedIn when I want to find companies and people who can deliver online services to me when I have too much to do myself. If you have a business and work with YouTube, Social bookmarking promotion (quality, no quantity submission) or social platform development, then please connect to me here: Jesper Åström on LinkedIn

3 Rules of LinkedIn Recruitment

Are you looking to recruit people through the web I suggest you have a look at LinkedIn. The past week I have been contacted by three recruiters through that community. One was very professional, but the other two were horrible. I will describe below what the good example did. I will however not mention who it was or from what company. Perhaps I will add that later on if I get ok from the person.

Anyways, here we go!

The First Rule of LinkedIn Recruitment – The subject and introduction
Try to be to the point. It should be obvious in the subject what your intentions are. Phrases such as “Recruitment opportunity” or “Job opportunity” or similar, the title of the position followed by the name of the company hiring.

A perfect title should look like this:

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