Mobile Cloaking in the coming years

Tweet Do you have a mobile CSS on your website? I think it is time you’d better get one. Especially if you work with lead generation, sales or any type of transaction on your website. Mobile traffic is increasing like a mother fucker and you need to be prepared for it. Are you still asking … Read more

Black Hat SEO and how to do it

Tweet There is this thing referred to as Black Hat SEO. The definition is always debated amongst search engine experts. In Wikipedia they define it as the deliberate manipulation of search engine indexes. If that was the case, then all SEO’s and companies wanting to advance in the search engines, would be black hat SEO … Read more

Reading level and SEO

Tweet If you want your texts to be readable by many people, you need to write in a way that people understand. Simple enough, right? The easier to read, the more accessible. Simple is better than difficult and short is better than long. I have regularly fallen victim to my own ego when writing tutorials … Read more

Holistic SEO for the Data driven web

Tweet I see a link to an article or blogpost bashing SEO as a practice just about every week. I have started to care. In the beginning I didn’t, but considering I hear so much bs from so many people right now I have to write something. SEO is only partially Google optimization. It is … Read more

Checklist for Social Search

No matter how things work in different algorithms and how pages rank in relationship to each other, it is quite evident that social aspects are becoming increasingly important for search. For many news pages, social media has become the number one referrer and we are seeing some evidence that websites in the travel vertical and other such experience/story based content websites are moving towards the same pattern.