Search Optimizers are the Internet Doctors

I talked to Christian Rudolf tonight about search. It is not uncommon that we talk about links, blog posts and what is happening in the onlinedom. We started talking about what the true essence of search optimization is really about. We both agree that it is about meeting the visitor with exactly the content they want to find for that query. In many cases we believe we are better than Google at determining this for the simple reason that we are people and they are mainly an algorithm.

Setting your SEO Activity budget

You’re one of those companies out there who has understood that the web is nothing static. You understand that there is no such thing as “building a website”, but you know that you have to “develop you website” continuously. You get that the search engines bring you about 40% of your traffic and that the SEO traffic seems to convert better than the other traffic.

Good for you, cause this blog post is for you to keep.

How to do a .htaccess 301 redirect

When you’re about to redirect your content to a new server or to a new domain you should not mix it up with changing your file structure at the same time. This is very important. If you change your domain name and your catalog structure at the same time you will have a whole mess to cover, especially if you are moving servers at the same time.

You should redirect one step at the time and carefully disect whether or not additional changes have to be made. Perhaps you don’t need to do something, but it would look neat. Please keep those changes to the very minimum and think of functionality, SEO value etc. before making your changes.

Different variations of redirects, 301, 302, 303, 304 etc

Basically HTTP Status codes are used for computers to understand in what way they should talk to each other. It is like the computers way of making discretion between a snobby lady and a street kid with a baseball cap. It might still not work, but you are a lot better off if you request a service from them in two radically different ways.

On a more technical note, HTTM Satus codes tell the two computers chatting with each other in which way and from where the two should interpret, fetch and forward the information they are processing from eachother.