Video Cast

How to Create a YouTube Video Response in under 3 minutes


YouTube video responses is one out of several cool ways that you can promote your videos on YouTube. I have put up a couple of cover songs on my account in order to pull up the channel views and thus have a better chance at ranking well with my complete channel.

This video takes you through the very simple steps you need to know when you make a video response. It is EXTREMELY simple and loads of fun, so I recommend you take the three minutes to kick back and watch it and then start doing it.

Singing and playing on YouTube


Sometimes I do other things than social media and seo as well. I will try to spice this blog up with some of my “me” sides instead of just keeping it facts based. I know… I’m a sucker… but still people like entertainment..

It’s Tiger Woods that have a Glitch, Not the Game – Jesus Shot, EA Games


The “Jesus Shot” by Tiger Woods is one of the more viral and funny videos from a company in YouTube’s history.

Now, EA wanted to “prove” that there was no glitch in their game, and that Tiger Woods is “Just that good”.

Think again EA Sports. The glitch is not in the game. It is in Tiger Woods, and one of my golf playing friends had the decency to bring this to my attention.