I am a spammer

Sometimes things don’t go as planned. Especially when time is limited. Today, we noticed on Twitter that we were spamming people. At first we thought it was another attack, but then we realized that it was actually us doing it.

I had given a poor instruction to one of our summer workers and now I have to pay the prize for it. Naturally, it is not his fault, but it is entirely mine. I am sorry for all of you who have received a spam comment (about 50 people) from me today.

A standard text was written that would be used as a base when contacting bloggers. This was interpreted as being the EXACT text that should be distributed. I was sloppy in my instructions and so things went terribly wrong.

This is nothing we should be doing and it will not be repeated. So bring the heat and direct it towards me, cause I am the one who deserves the beating!


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    • Njae,

      Om man gör det rätt så fungerar det ganska bra. Den metod som man skulle vilja att det gjordes genom är följande:

      1. Man söker reda på relevanta bloggposter för det man håller på med
      2. Man kommenterar innehållet genom att beskriva hur det kan berika det projektet man arbetar i
      3. Man lämnar en tydlig CTA för att berätta vad man förväntar sig ska komma ut av kommentaren

      Det blir då relevanta kommentarer och bra utfall. Många värden som blir högre om man gör det rätt. I just det här fallet så blev det inte bra. Så… jag håller med dig… det hade i det här fallet varit bättre att ringa 😀

      Fy fan… men men… ett bra case att självironisera kring

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