How to Create a Mission Statement

The mission statement is one of the first things you need to create when you set off to launch a digital product. Not only because it will give you a sense of direction, but also because it is important to use whilst trying to tell the story of what you are doing before you have a product.

The first product you launch based on your mission statement should be focusing on trying to find the right product that people want to buy. Yes, I wrote that the right way. The first product is rarely the product you end up with. Your mission is to do what you have decided and it will most likely take more than one product until you have discovered the solution that gets you there. Therefore I find it to be really important when creating a mission statement that you do it without mentioning too much about the exact products, but rather mention what types of problems you want to solve or needs you’d like to meet.

In the video above I show you my way of discovering the mission statement for my current project where I am building a digital business in 30 days.

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