Facebook Zero will Push Mobile Facebook beyond 100 million

Facebook Zero is soon to launch on zero.facebook.com. Basically it is a mobile platform that is slimmed to fit even the least empowered 1k/s mobile connection. They have basically stripped Facebook from all the stuff that makes it heavy such as profile pictures, image banks and crazily loading scripts.

The reason for Zero is that they recognize they have to do something to increase the adaptation rate of using your mobile to connect to the platform. Yes, there are already 100 million people using Facebook from their mobile device, but those who have, always want more.

Another reason is that Facebook is looking for new ways to make money. As you can read from this article, it seems as though they are looking to strike deals with the mobile operators in order to help them free up bandwidth.

There is still very little information out there about Facebook Zero. There is a bad quality image over at Techcrunch but other than that, there is not much about it. Let’s just wait for the blog post from Facebook describing what’s up.

As if Facebook Lite wasn’t light enough…

Facebook is feeling the sweat

Alongside the platform problems they have been having of late, Facebook seems to be rushing some kind of major update besides Facebook Zero. There were many of us who experienced problems two days ago with our Facebook Fan pages. All of a sudden I could not find half of my pages through search.

As I researched the problem I suddenly noticed that Facebook had made about half my pages unpublished. It didn’t take me that long to correct the problem, but I wonder how many pages are still inactive because their admins only work with them as a hobby and hasn’t realized that they no longer “exist”.

Naturally Facebook is feeling the sweat from its competitors right now and they are trying to rush things. I just hope they don’t rush too fast. Most people seem pleased with what Facebook is today. All I wish for is that the changes they are prioritizing right now are small and good ones rather than big and stupid ones.

More on this in later posts.

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