Be Sure You are 100% Inaccurate Whilst being 100% Correct

Love this talk from TED. It is only two minutes in length but it really puts the dot over the i, as we say in Sweden. There are so many “truths” out there, so many thoughts that are nothing other than things seen from one perspective.

Now… sadly, my own belief implies that I too can be wrong. In fact, it says that I must resign to that for everything I say there is an equal truth that is the exact opposite of what I believe to be right. This creates some confusion for me at times when I am asked to make a decision on an instance.

Being a consultant is not very easy when you believe that there are no absolute truths. It doesn’t always land well when you start arguing death and weather each time a client want to know your view on an issue. My self evolution in the matter has gone from believing I was the center point of the world, to recognizing I was a mere particle, to understanding that my particle was important enough to have an valid opinion.

What I mean by this is that even though I generally understand that I might be wrong, I still give my opinion when asked. Also, this blog has become one way of venting my thoughts before I put them into practice, or to share my findings after I have found them. All in all, I want reactions. Sweden might not be the best place for them as people tend to talk behind your back, but I need reactions. This blog allows me to reach them and for that I am highly thankful.

I am sure I’ll have some how to’s for you in a while again, but for now there is just so much change going on I only have time for testing and thus the sharing becomes less practical and more philosophical.

1 thought on “Be Sure You are 100% Inaccurate Whilst being 100% Correct”

  1. I will share a story with you

    When I was young I had a discussion with a person who later became my friend. We had an argument and we disagreed but my friend to be actullay gave up without a verbal fight an afterwards I asked him:


    My friends answer quick and surprising
    -I Never fight for my opions and beliefs

    From my point of view I found it odd because you always hear the oposite.
    Once again

    My friend answered
    -They keep on changing

    He said the opposite of everyone else but I immediatly understod it. It means he never stopped learning.

    I still fight but I take the time to understand the other side, fully.


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