Complete Guide to Search Engine Optimization

Beginners Guide to SEO

As the web seems to be completely lacking of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) guides (not) I figure I have to make a run for it. Jokes aside, I haven’t found a really good guide that takes the user from a very basic level to a reasonably good level.

If you are a novice user who wants to learn more about Search Engine Optimization, you have come to the right place. You will be able to follow the guide by clicking the categories to the right. You can also find all the posts from nr 1 to nr X under the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) value in the top navigation.

About the guide:

  • 100 – SEO Copy
  • 200 – SEO pure XHTML Strict
  • 300 – SEO site structure, navigation and internallinks
  • 400 – SEO external links, semantic indexing and neighborhood techniques
  • 500 – All other SEO

I will start out by writing a beginners post on each category and there after either write on demand under what cathegory I feel like. Feel free to post any questions you might have along the way and I will answer in the best fashion way that I can. If I am in a pissy mood I might flick you off. Please laugh at me if that would happen and make another try another day.


2 thoughts on “Complete Guide to Search Engine Optimization”

  1. Good content. Just wanted to add some points here that may be helpful for those looking out for professional SEO services. There are tons of SEO companies offering different SEO packages and solutions at highly competitive rates. However, when looking our for these services, its important to not only look at the affordability factor but also what is unique about their SEO service and what differentiates them from other companies.

    While choosing an SEO company its equally important to analyze the SEO company’s website in terms of their Rankings, Yahoo links, Google index, Alexa ranking and similar such factors which indicates the company’s expertise in the field of SEO. So make sure you are doing enough research and smart work before investing your advertising spend.

  2. Hi Anna, and thank you for the comment. I agree with you in your first paragraph. However, I feel it is not that important to look at the SEO company’s own ranking. Most searches for search engine optimization related queeries is highly spammed or farmed.

    The real deal when buying SEO services is to ask for good references. Ie. What was done, which were the goals and how were they met.

    What you can find in this blog will be white hat procedures on how to get your voice heard through the search engine and social media. And specifically how to use them both when talking to people online.

    For highly competitive verticals however, my methods are not enough if you want to reach results in the short run. In the long run however… well.. that’s a different story 🙂



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