The Internet is Matter, let’s try to bend it

Have you ever thought about what the Internet consists of? Does it have a mass? Does it actually physically exist else than as an abstract being we’re able to use to express ourselves and communicate.

I started thinking about this when I was watching a commercial on web-tv the other day. I thought “Yes. The Internet must be a matter as it has a mass and it has a volume. In order to communicate through the web, it needs to reflect light. Otherwise we would not be able to see it. Considering even light bends when effected by gravity, and the web reflects light, it must too consist of matter. So, what is the density of the web and how can we bend it?”

I asked Twitter, and the only thing I got back was a couple of “stop taking shroomes” comments. I am fine with that. But have it ever struck you what possibilities a web of mass has? Let’s say I could extract the web in some way or another. For example by using a magnetic field. Then what effects could I have on the information being distributed through it? What type of products and communication methods could I shape with my new physical form of the web.

Sometimes I talk about the future as a place where we might just inject ourselves with the web. Considering it acts like a brain in its whole, is it too far stretched to think thoughts about how we could use the web as a means to improve our being?

I know this might sound scary for a lot of you out there, but many other technologies such as language and reading have become things we depend upon in everyday life. The difference between language and the web though, is that the web as a technology has never had down time. Parts of it has, but not the web as a technology.

In my everyday work, I focus on how to apply psychology to economics to technology to evolution. Sometimes I too have to allow myself to ask you as readers a question I am thinking about. Although not completely sane at first glance, but I wonder. What if the web in fact had a density, what if I could physically mold it, alter it and inject it as a part of my own being. Perhaps that is what the next application of the web, or evolution in communication we’ll be able to see.

Imagine the artistic applications that could be created if we were able to build monuments of thoughts rather than of copper.

That’s what’s on my mind right now.

//Jesper – (and yes, I am writing some new how to’s as well… but this just seemed a little bit more important…)

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