What Should I write about Next?

I looked through Google Analytics to see where my recent traffic comes from. I got very happy to see that there are many corporations from the US, Sweden and the rest of Europe that are actually returning to the blog regularly as I write new stuff.

My aim with this blog is to take away a lot of the buzz and help people and corps to take a first step into social media. However, my brain is full of ideas, some tested and some not yet tested. But I don’t know what you would like me to write about. Therefore I would like you to write some comments on this post, add yourself to my e-mail subscription or add me as a contact on LinkedIn. Let’s discuss these issues and become better at what we do.

What do you want me to write about? Maybe a consultant has told you to do something, maybe they have provided you with some “secrets of social media“. Ask the same question to me and we’ll have a blast if I say something completely different. If I write the same thing… well… then you got some confirmation you MIGHT be doing the right thing.

Remember. Social media is far to new for anyone to be an expert. I have been working with the web for ten years and I am still learning every day. There are plenty of good social media specialists out there though. Tell me about your favorites as I need a sparring partner in order to excell. (I know.. ego comment.. but.. this can’t be called social media if it is just me doing the writing…)

So.. what I am saying.. talk to me… my alias is JesperAstrom or jesperastrom on Skype, LinkedIn and Twitter. Add me there and let’s chat.


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  • Jesper,
    I think you should write about what top management ought to do and what it takes from an organisation to embrace and work with social media. How to handle the “conflict” between old knowledges that give return on investment today VS exploring new areas without guarantee for positive ROI.

  • @Björn Alberts – The one million dollar question.. I will write something on how they can actually use the knowledge from social media as a basis for decision making…

    But that is a tricky question and I will have to think about it..

    @simo – I give link love to anyone who deserves it… your application is the best I have tried so far.. it is actually not only the best I have tried, but it is so damn good that I highly recommend it… Being a Swede I have to comply to SWEDMAS rules for newsletters.. this app gives me all I need in order to follow those rules to the dot! (except for my very malicious and notoriously explicit e-mail content 🙂 )

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