Google Analytics

This page is devoted to Google Analytics Video Tutorials. Most of you out there have some relationship with Google Analytics. If you have a resource, a video or a blog where you have written something about Google Analytics. You should contact me and I’ll post a snippet from your post and a link back to your website. I will write my own tutorials as soon as I feel satisfied with my Facebook Tutorial section.

So, please suggest more material.

Google Analytics Basics

This section is a list of posts that show you how to set up your basic Google Analytics account and gives you insight on how you can take the first steps to set up your metrics tracking.

1. Google Analytics Setup and Installation

This section is about basic setup of your Google Analytics account and how you install Google Analytics on your website. What script to use and why you should use it. One thing with this Video!! READ THE TERMS OF SERVICE!! Also, if you are running a WordPress or blog website I am sure you have a footer.php file or something like that where you end body tag is located.

You only have to paste this script in there once. As you go deeper into measuring and analyzing you might want to make more specific implementation for specific pages.

2. Google Analytics Interface Overview

This video helps you navigate the Google Analytics interface, set up dashboards so that you can reach your favorite metrics easily as well as goes through the basic metrics and what they tell you.

Intermediate Google Analytics

This section is for those of you who have set up accounts for Google Analytics and want to start tracking specifics, funnels and sales patterns. This is where you will be able to get a lot of value out of your analytics as you will be able to improve your website by making them a part of your decision process.

1. Setting up a Goal Funnel in Google Analytics

For those of you engaged in ecommerce and sales online, I suggest you have a look at the neat funnel reports that you can create in Google Analytics. This video covers the basics on how to measure Goals in a sales funnel and also covers what a sales funnel is an its importance to you as an online vendor or retailer.

2. Google Analytics Intelligence Tab

This is a tutorial that takes a look at the Google Analytics Intelligence tab. This is a REALLY neat feature for those of you with vast amounts of traffic. I suggest you kick back and read the complimentary blog post as well. The best one I’ve found through a friend on Twitter @blackbeak is a post from @erictpeterson Google Analytics Intelligence tab.