Google Wave will be what takes Customer Dialogue to the next level

There were two things that popped into mind when I was watching the clip about Google Waves, recently published on YouTube. The first thing was –> wow what an intranet. Number two was –> wow what a customer care system. Then I started expanding my thoughts, just as I allways do and it didn’t take long for the complete brain melt down to take place. I will share some of the thoughts I have, but before you read any further, you should probably watch the video here:

Customer Care
First of all companies should really start thinking about their customer care systems in terms of Waves. Think of it this way. What if I have a question about something concerning my electricity bill. Let’s say I have recieved the bill through google Waves. Then a person at the electricity company can help me through dialogue at that specific note C3PX5- sub-section 9 what the implications it has on my electricity usage. They can add pictures of where I can find my meter and can use Google Maps to show directions to a reseller of what ever light bulb they are recommending me.

For me as a user: I can just add the electricity company when ever I want to discuss a specific portion of a conversation. Think about it. I can have a discussion with a friend and then I can bring in different sales people during that conversation to bid over eachother –> separate from eachother. I can bring in an expert when having a discussion so that I can be proven right etc etc. The implications and the simplicity of this system really makes it extraordinary and to quote seth godin –> remarkable.

Look, I have a question about xx –> BANG –> I get suggestions on who can answer the question. Or, I am talking to a friend about whether or not to go to Spain, Portugal or Mauritius. 1. I get suggestions on brokers, 2. I get suggestions on experts and 3. I get public replies that give me pictures, reviews etc etc about the places I am talking about.

PPE – Pay Per Expert
Which brings me onto the next topic. Cause one things that really should be added in the early stages are robots that can find these experts for me. It can be a mixture of people that have been able to answer questions on the public platform, to paying experts that are trying to sell some kind of service or device. This will create a new format for payment over the webb which will be free for the user but a cost for the sales person, Pay Per Expert.

Simply this means that you can pay to be the primary contact within a segment where people want to ask questions or simply where they want to buy stuff. Think about it. Google will get huge aggregated data clusters where they will be able to use semantics and sentiment analysis in order to see whether or not a person is good enought to answer questions within a certain area. They can see whether or not a broker gave good advice, whether or not a salesman sold a satisfactory product etc etc. Gathered data from years of crawling the web will ensure the basic foundation for this.

Then companies that haven’t been so good at promoting their products, or haven’t engaged in dialogue with their customers will have to pay a PPE cost in order to be listed as experts or brokers of that specific product or service. This is HUGE and Google Waves really makes this quite possible.

Cross border education
This was the part that almost made me cry. It was the real time translation of texts that is in the very last of the demo above. Imagine what implications this might have on education. Think about it. Imagine having a class of kids from all around the world. Then having a speach syntesis that transcripts the class in real time. Then the system translates. The translations might not be perfect and so since everyone are getting them, everyone can join the translation process –> thus making it perfect for the eventual reader. I mean… this gives education absolutely no boundaries.

Someone can then record their own spoken translation –> if not automatic –> and people from Beirut can listen to Harvard lectures in their own language, can read notes from their favourite note taker in all languages and then post their essays related to this specific video next to it.

I know I haven’t written for a while and this was a very unsorted post. But I had to get something going concerning this topic as I am overjoyed what this can do with the Internet. If anything, it will be the new kind of Internet that people have been talking about as it will link people rather than just pages or data. I love it.


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  1. Very good article, i agree, and potential spin-offs are huge. Especially what you mention about customer care. This means integrated communication through all channels of cummunications such as blog comments, microblogs etc. Add an intelligent gadget that can help handle generic FAQ and the service is extremly powerful. Can’t wait to try it!!


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