Growth Marketing Tutorials

Are you looking to grow your business with more than your competition this year? If so, then you should save the link to this page somewhere safe. On this page, I will build the most comprehensive growth marketing tutorial collection on the Internet.

From growth strategy to tactical guides and offer templates to download. I aim to become your #1 source for market expansion. Sometimes I will go beyond marketing when needed. We do not work in the same functional silos as before, so our growth tactics and growth strategies cannot either.

I want to find good posts to link to as I want to be able to give the visitors of this section all the information they need in order to get better at whatever they are doing. If you have a tutorial you want me to add, then please reach out.

Growth Strategy Tutorials 2022

I have gathered my thoughts on growth marketing strategy in this article.

On my YouTube channel, I have collected a series of Growth Strategy Tutorials tutorials suitable for beginners who are just starting out and advanced users who want inspiration.

The idea of these videos are to spark of conversations with you who watch them as well as give a few hands-on things you can do and think of when building your growth marketing strategy.

Growth Marketing Process

Growth Marketing Process

Growth Marketing usually relies on a growth marketing process that you can use to optimize your work over time. If you do not have a process you will struggle when trying to compare previous results with new ones.

A systematic approach to growth might sound a bit stale, but there are several different processes to chose from. The one I have in the picture above combines a classical growth curve with the different areas – Awareness, Activation, Acquisition, Conversion, and Referral – that the most classical growth models consist of.

Other growth models include LEAN Analytics, Pirate Metrics, AIDA, SMART

In the model above you use analytics to evaluate the activities you attempt to improve the performance of in your growth model.

Short-term value from Growth Marketing

Short term growth marketing

The short-term value of growth marketing is to work with optimization. This means that you try to realize all of the value you can harvest from your potential market. In the sense of tactics, you will use analytics to find ways to improve your Display marketing, SEO, SEM, Social media, E-mail marketing, Conversion rate, Marketing automation, and other such tactical options you have at your disposal.

Long-term value of Growth Marketing & Product led growth

Long Term Effect of Growth marketing

When it comes to the value of Growth Marketing in the long term the focus shifts to innovation rather than on tactics. Most of this will constitute changes in your product. Regardless of whether this is a physical or digital product or service.

This process is more commonly referred to as product-led growth.

Further down on this page you will be able to read the answers to more questions about Growth Marketing. I will link to sub-articles as they become available covering all aspects of growth marketing – trying to create the best growth marketing tutorials on the web.

Analytics Tutorials for Growth Marketing

This page is devoted to Google Analytics Video Tutorials. Most of you out there have some relationship with Google Analytics. If you have a resource, a video or a blog where you have written something about Google Analytics.

YouTube Growth Marketing Tutorials

There are a load of YouTube tutorials on the web. I am going to start writing better ones than those that are available. We will cover such topics as “using the bottom third”, “how to make a video viral”, “how to build your channel from scratch in 30 days”, “how to rank in YouTube search engine”. The articles I have written so far are quite few as this is a real money maker.