Google Analytics Tutorials

This page is devoted to Google Analytics Video Tutorials. Most of you out there have some relationship with Google Analytics. If you have a resource, a video or a blog where you have written something about Google Analytics.

You should contact me and I’ll post a snippet from your post and a link back to your website.

So, please suggest more material.

The Fundamental Analysis tools

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Google Analytics Basics – Videos for beginners

There are a lot of videos about Google Analytics out there, but if you haven’t watched Google’s own videos about Google Analytics I suggest you start there. Google has a tutorial package, but it only gives you the stuff they want you to know about their products. It is always a good place to start, but I can assure you that there are plenty of other ways to use Google Analytics than the ones’ that Google tells you about.

For some purposes, there is simply no reason for Google to create material that is not relevant for their business purposes – such as how to create reports that help you decrease your AdWords spend. Naturally, the best advice for such tactics come from other sources than Google. But let’s start with their tutorials and move from there.

Google Analytics Advanced – Videos for professionals

Once you reach a bit further in your analytics learning, you will start to find the need to manipulate the data you are able to extract from different sources. This can either be done by using Google Data Studio, or by manipulating your data in Google Sheets. There are many free online tools that allow you to do this. This playlist is devoted to a series of such sources.

I believe that the second step toward becoming a Google analytics expert is to learn Google Sheets really well. If you are serious about your Google Analytics and about reaching insights that will drive your growth, then that is what you should be looking into. The playlist I link from below takes a growth perspective on analytics and how you can use it in order to grow continuously in the coming years.

Google Analytics Glossary

Screen cast videos about the different reports and some ways in which you can use them


Active UsersBehaviorUser flow

Life Time ValueCohort analysis

Interests, Geo

Technology, Cross-device, Mobile

User Explorer


Channels, Source/medium


Google Ads, Keywords, Ad Campaigns

Search console

Social, landing pages

Campaigns, UTM-tagging


Site content, content drill down, landing pages

Site speed, page timings

Site search, search terms

Events, top events and top pages


Goals, goal urls

Funnel visualization

Ecommerce, Product performance

Multi-channel funnels, Assisted conversions, top conversion paths

Attribution, model comparison