Internet Marketing – Explained

Created this Prezi a coupple of weeks ago. Would like to get your thoughts on it. I know it really goes into some narrow suggestions in the end, but what I tried to do was to show a good starting place for now, then and later.

Internet Marketing – Explained might be a bit big to say, but I guess it is also a way to draw some attention and angry commentators to this post…. perhaps… 🙂

If you cannot read flash then e-mail me and we take it over the phone from 5-8 pm.

4 thoughts on “Internet Marketing – Explained”

  1. To be honest I got rather bored with the graphical effects quite fast. It’s a bit like using “AutoEffect” in PowerPoint – it will be all over the place and really hide the content by distracting the user. The content in the presentation on the other hand was better 🙂 It’s a good management presentation (a bit long for that though) and raises an interest in the topic and is excellent to use for follow-up questions regarding the customers brand.

  2. @Jens, I agree… the effects are “a bit” too much… :)… but it is so much fun to play around with in the beginning. The flashing is a bug in the engine and it shouldn’t be that way.

    Thank you for the comment on the content. Please improve it! If you want to I can invite you to that Prezi and you can edit where ever you like or create your own “bubble”/frame. Why I like Prezi it’s because it is a good working surface at the same time as you can use it for presentations.

    On tuesday I am presenting in Powerpoint when I am holding a talk at the eMetrics conference in Stockholm.

    Cheers!! Thanks for the comment.

  3. I agree this is interesting content. Always hard to do presentations what works both with and without speech, but I suppose prezi is better for this than most other tools (especially ppt – go keynote ;))

    I got hooked with this blog a couple of weeks ago with the post about the nielsen data on social media impact on emailing, and have been reading every now and then since.

    So thank you for an interesting blog and keep up the good work!


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